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With the Pro-AM Classic slatted to start tomorrow, its the perfect time to give some background information on the four amateur teams that will be competing against the 12 franchise teams.

The group stage will consist of 4 groups of 4 teams, with each group having 3 franchise teams and 1 amateur team. The top 2 from each group will go into the 8-team single elimination bracket to fight for the championship. It’ll be very difficult for any of the amateur teams to make it to the bracket, but you never know!

Top Tier NA/EU Mix Team

Ultra Academy NA is one of the rare NA/EU mix teams in the Challengers Circuit. It’s also the only NA Challengers team to have four different nations on one team, having players from England, Canada, Spain, and USA. Here is the Ultra Academy NA roster:

  • Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks
  • Mohak “MohaK” Kumar
  • Thomas “Scrappy” Ernst
  • Javier “Vikul” Milagro
  • Charles “Mystvc” [Head Coach]
  • Mehran “Mayhem” Anjomshoa [Coach]

These four players have teamed together since the end of February, competing in six tournaments as a team. Here are their results:

  • NA CDC Cup #6 – 4th
  • Elite Stage 2 NA Qualifier – Qualified
  • NA CDC Cup #7 – 3rd
  • Elite Stage 2 NA – 7th
  • NA CDC Cup #8 – 8th
  • Minnesota Open – 1st

While the squad struggled in the Elite, they have been able to lock in Top 4 placements in the Cups and win the first challengers LAN of the season in Minnesota.

Elite Stage 2 NA

The Ultra Academy NA qualified for Elite Stage 2 very comfortably and looked to be a serious contender to win Stage 2. The roster had a very strong SMG duo backed by upcoming star AR players.

But the strong competition in the NA circuit provided many tough matchups. Ultra Academy started slowly, losing four of their first five matchups. In the end, they’d finish 2-5 and fail to make it to the playoff bracket.

Series Results

This is their series breakdown for the entire Stage:

  • 1-3 loss vs Texas Nation
  • 3-2 victory vs Strike X
  • 2-3 loss vs The Stallions
  • 2-3 loss vs BearClaw
  • 1-3 loss vs Whatever It Takes
  • 3-2 victory vs UYU
  • 0-3 loss vs Infamous

It was certainly a disappointing result to the Elite Stage 2.

Player Stats

Overall, the players haven’t had the best results in either stage of the Elite this season. Mohak played in stage 1 of the Elite with PathToPro (finished 6th) and Scrappy played with UYU (placing 3rd). Above is the player stats for both stages of the Elite, showing the potential for these players to pop off at the Pro AM Classic.

During Stage 2, the AR duo performed very well despite their 2-5 series record. Scrappy had the 2nd best slayer rating in the league (91.51), playing at a very fast pace in all three modes. His best mode was SnD, where he had a 1.27 KD, 0.82 kills per round, and countless flashy sniper plays. MohaK has been a name popping up the past couple years, highlighted by winning Challenger Finals in Cold War. He played well in Stage 2, finishing with a 1.07 overall KD and 1.11 KD in Hardpoint. Be on the lookout for this AR duo to make some plays at the Pro AM Classic.

Minnesota Open

The Minnesota Open was the first Challengers LAN the circuit has had since Modern Warfare. It was highly anticipated to see who would perform on LAN. Ultra Academy NA had an incredible run, staring off by taking down UYU 3-0, Ultra Academy EU 3-1, and Texas Nation 3-2. That run got them to the Winner’s Bracket Final to play against Denza & Co. Vikul & Co would make quick work of the European side, winning 3-0 to make it into the Grand Finals. The Grand Finals would need a bracket reset, as Denza & Co won the first series 3-1, but Ultra Academy NA fought back. They’d take the final series 3-1 to win the Championship. It showed that this team could perform on LAN and compete with the best.

Pro AM Classic: Group D Preview

Ultra Academy NA were placed in Group D with the Boston Breach, LA Guerrillas, and Paris Legion. It’ll be a hard group to make it out of, as the Guerrillas are coming off a Major Championship and the Breach are widely considered a top 4 team. During the coaches poll we asked each coach to pick the two teams they thought would make it out of each group and Ultra Academy NA received 3 votes to make it out. This gives them a solid 25% chance to make it to bracket play, so don’t count out Ultra Academy NA to make headlines by making it out of Group Stage.

When to watch Ultra Academy NA play?

  • Thursday, May 5th – 4:30 pm EST vs LA Guerrillas
  • Friday, May 6th – 3:00 pm EST vs Boston Breach
  • Friday, May 6th – 6:00 pm EST vs Paris Legion
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