Who is the most WINNINGEST coach of ALL TIME?

Coaching in Call of Duty is still developing to this day as teams are racing to build the strongest coaching staffs. It wasn’t always like this, with only a handful of coaches before the World War 2 season. Most notably, there was Mr.X and Hilton. The scene took a major leap forward in WW2, when over ten teams had coaches during the year. This continued in the next season, and started an arms race at the start of franchising. Now five seasons since the rise of coaches, we can now take a look to see who has helped their teams win the most series. Here are the five winningest coaches in terms of series victories in Call of Duty history!

#5 : MarkyB – 102 Series victories

First on the list is the Scottish coach, Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland. The current LA Guerrillas coach ranks 5th on the winningest coaches list with a 102-94 series record over the last four seasons. Over that period, his teams have won three major tournaments, most recently taking the Kickoff Classic in 2022.

Starting his career as a player, Marky played in the European circuit until he retired in 2018. He played for many iconic EU organizations like TCM Gaming, Dignitas, Millennium, Vitality, and Epsilon over his 5 year playing career.

After a tough World War 2 season, Mark shifted into the Coaching role in Splyce at the starting of Black Ops 4. With franchising coming in during 2019, Marky shifted from Splyce to the Toronto Ultra. This is where Mark would find his most success. The Ultra would win one tournament in each of the past three seasons. They started by taking the Toronto Homestand in 2020, the Stage 2 Major in 2021, and the Kickoff Classic in 2022.

After three successful seasons with Toronto, Marky made the surprise switch to the LA Guerrillas this offseason. This will be a new challenge for the veteran coach, but one he will certainly excel at.

4 – Saintt – 104 Series victories

BrianSaintt is the next coach on the list, being the fifth coach to crack 100 total series victories. He supports a 104-98 series count with a winning record in three different games. The Minnesota Rokkr coach helped win one of the most improbable victories in Call of Duty history when the Rokkr came back from 0-4 in a best of 9 to win against the Ultra.

Saintt, like many on this list, started his career as a player before shifting over to the coaching role. He started playing professionally during Black Ops 1, finishing Top 12 at the MLG National Championship in 2011. Saintt continued playing into the Jet Pack Era until he retired during the World War 2 season.

Brian then shifted into the coaching position with eUnited during WW2 with the roster of SiLLY, Arcitys, Prestinni, and Clayster. With many Top 4 finishes, Saintt would consistently stay at the top of the League. With franchising coming, Saintt joined the Minnesota Rokkr, where is still employed to this day. He would win his first tournament under their banner, winning the Stage 5 Major over the Toronto Ultra to win $200,000. It will forever be known as one of the greatest comebacks in eSports history.

Saintt will look to move up this list during 2023, as he is just three victories behind the third place coach!

#3 – Sender – 107 Series victories

Troy “Sender” Michaels leads us into the Top 3 winningest coaches in Call of Duty history with 107 series wins over the past four seasons. The now ex-coach of OpTic Texas has an overall record of 107 wins and 75 losses with 3 championships won.

As will be a trend on this list, Sender was a player first, starting in 2013 during Black Ops 2. Sender played well throughout his career, racking up many Top 8 finishes over his seven year playing career. He had his best season during WW2, when the Enigma6 squad consistently knocked up higher ranked opponents.

After retiring in Black Ops 4, Sender went back to coaching for Enigma6 and helped them qualify for the Pro League. The E6 squad consistently performed well above expectations, and this helped net him the Chicago Huntsmen job at the start of franchising. Sender coached all three variations of the OpTic team over the past three seasons. They supported a 80-48 record with three championships over the past three years, including winning the Stage 1 Major in 2022 and two Homestands (Seattle & London) during 2020.

Now with the New York Subliners, Sender will be in a prime position to move up the rankings with a strong start to the Modern Warfare 2 season!

#2 – Crowder – 145 Series victories

Next on the list is one of the coaching legends of the scene. Crowder officially started coaching during the Black Ops 4 season and has racked up 145 series victories over just four seasons. He ranks second in Call of Duty history in winning percentage (76.3%) and total championships (9). He is also only one of two coaches to win more than 40 series in one season, winning 46 during Black Ops 4.

Crowder started competing during the Black Ops 2 season in 2013 for FaZe Clan. He would consistently compete for Championships before winning Call of Duty Champs in 2015 during Advanced Warfare. After taking time off during Infinite Warfare, Crowder returned for the WW2 season to win the CWL Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs. He would again retire at the start of the Black Ops 4 season to coach the 100 Thieves.

The struggling 100 Thieves brought in Crowder to improve their culture and help the team hit their potential. They would instantly do just that, winning CWL London and CWL Anaheim back-to-back. With the scene flipped on its head with franchising, Crowder came back to FaZe to coach Atlanta. From there he has a 99-33 series record with 7 championships. He also became one of two coaches now to win CoD Champs as a player and coach when the Atlanta FaZe won the Championship during the Cold War season.

With the Atlanta FaZe gearing up for another World Championship run, Crowder’s numbers should certainly continue to rise in the future!

#1 – RJ – 147 Series victories

The winningest coach in the history of competitive Call of Duty in terms of series won is Atlanta FaZe’s coach RJ. He officially started coaching during the World War II with FaZe Clan during CWL Anaheim Open. RJ ranks first in series won, having 147 series victories over five seasons. He adds 6 tournament victories (ranks 2nd) and has a CoD Champs win in Black Ops Cold War.

Breaking into the scene as Crowder’s personal coach during World War II, he made the switch to being the head coach of FaZe Clan during their Summer run. He’d help the team finish 3rd at CoD Champs 2018 with ZooMaa, Attach, Crowder, and Priestahh.

Going into Black Ops 4, the team struggled and failed to qualify for the Pro League originally. With FaZe Black, RJ helped the team win the CWL Fort Worth Open and finish 2nd at the WGN 2019 Championship. With Red Reserve failing as an organization, FaZe was able to acquire the PL spot and re-enter the CWL. The team would have great finishes at CWL Anaheim (4th) and and Pro League Playoffs (3rd).

Franchising would change the scene in Modern Warfare. RJ would join Atlanta FaZe with Crowder, and help create a powerhouse team of Simp, aBeZy, Cellium, MajorManiak, and Priestahh. Over the three seasons of the CDL, RJ has won 99 series with FaZe. They have won six tournaments and one CoD Champs during the Cold War season. With Atlanta continuing to be a top team, expect RJ to continue in the #1 position!

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