Who is the best CDL Match Predictor?

The best part of each and every match day for any fan of the Call of Duty League is clearly when Breaking Point releases the list of picks that casters, retired pro players, Musers, BP members, and the community will come out victorious on that day.

Each day a total of 45 people predict who they think will take the win in their series or advance in the bracket at Majors. We have kept a complete list of who has predicted correctly to see who is the master predictor of the CDL.

First, we have to look at who took the crown at each of the season.

Stage 1

Stage 1 was the unique tournament to start the season, where the twelve franchise teams each played four qualifier matches before playing an Pro-AM tournament. In total, 44 picks had to be made across the three weeks for our panel.

Shockingly, the Bald Nostradamus Maven came out strong with 28 correct picks in the stage. He had a 2 point lead over ZooMaa and myself to take the crown to start the year.

As a group, our predictors had just a 47.8% correct pick rate for the stage, the lowest by far this season.

Stage 2

The next stage of the season went back to the standard five match qualifiers to the Major tournament. There were 48 total matches per stage with this format, giving ample chances to get a high score.

Maven continued his reign of terror, correctly picking 30 matches over the stage. This time around, I was able to match his performance, tying him for the crown. To finish the podium, Nameless came in third with 29 correct picks.

This stage as a group, the correct pick rate was elevated to 52.4%.

Stage 3

Stage 3 would see the return of form from IntelCDL, aka Crone. After winning multiple crowns last season, Crone ran the competition to return to the top.

This would be another underwhelming prediction stage from the field overall. As a group, the correct pick rate ended up at 51.9% for the stage. It was a tough one, but Crone was able to pull away with a +2 advantage in the end.

Stage 4

This would be the stage of expansion. For the first time this season, the Muser group would join our predictions for a shot at the crown. In total, 16 players would join to bring the group to 45.

This would also be one of the easiest stages to predict that we’ve seen in Call of Duty, as the group finished with a 71.0% correct pick rate. It would end in a three way tie between Rosevelt, Slacked, and Apathy who all correctly picked 40 out of 48 matches in the stage. The tiebreaker would be who correctly picked the Major win, and this gave Rosevelt the crown for Stage 4.


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