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With the Pro-AM Classic slatted to start tomorrow, its the perfect time to give some background information on the four amateur teams that will be competing against the 12 franchise teams.

The group stage will consist of 4 groups of 4 teams, with each group having 3 franchise teams and 1 amateur team. The top 2 from each group will go into the 8-team single elimination bracket to fight for the championship. It’ll be very difficult for any of the amateur teams to make it to the bracket, but you never know!

The Surprise Qualifier

Going in the Minnesota Open, many thought the favorites to qualify for the Pro AM Classic would be Texas Nation, Rokkr Academy, the two Ultra Academys, Denza & Co, or Assault & Co. Those were some the top teams in their respected regions and were loaded with top tier talent. Even going into the tournament, Main AR Hamza “GloFrosty” Shaikh left the roster leaving them with an open roster slot. Vetern Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer would come into the roster and help them surprise everybody to qualify with their 4th place finish. The complete roster consisted of:

  • Sebastian “Gunsii” Martinez
  • Vlad “Ramby” Sanchez
  • Luis “Fire” Rivera
  • Justin “SiLLY” Fargo-Palmer

These four players have teamed together as of recently, competing in two tournaments as a team. Here are their results:

  • Elite Stage 3 Qualifier – Failed to Qualified
  • CDC Minnesota Open – 4th

Elite Results in 2022

The Elite circuit hasn’t been the most fruitful for Strike X and the 4 current starters. Strike X qualified for Stage 2 Elite NA with the roster of Wand, Fame, Ramby, and Gunsii but finished in 8th. Fire qualified during Stage 1 Elite NA with Villains but also finished in 8th. SiLLY has failed to qualify for any of the Elites, so we do not have any data on his performances.

Player Results

During Stage 2 Elite NA, Gunsii & Ramby competed with Strike X. Here are their team stats from the event:

  • 8th place finish
  • 2-5 (29%) series record
  • 8-18 (31%) map record
  • Key Wins: 3-1 vs Stallions, 3-2 vs Whatever It Takes
  • Losses: 0-3 vs BearClaw, 0-3 vs Infamous, 0-3 vs Texas Nation, 2-3 vs Ultra Academy, 0-3 vs UYU

During Stage 1 Elite NA, Fire competed with Villains. Here are their team stats from the event:

  • 8th place finish
  • 0-7 (0%) series record
  • 5-21 (19%) map record
  • Key Wins: No wins
  • Losses: 0-3 vs BearClaw, 0-3 vs 18&Cracked, 2-3 vs Texas Nation, 0-3 vs Team WaR, 0-3 vs UYU, 2-3 vs Path To Pro, 1-3 vs Whatever It Takes

While they haven’t found success in the Elites, their success at the Minnesota Open is what got them to the Pro AM Classic.

Player Stats

Here are the player stats during both Elite stages for Gunsii, Fire, and Ramby. While they might not look elite on paper, each team struggled a lot during groups which hurts individual stats.

Gunsii did finish with a 1.06 KD in hardpoint with 2.39 kills per minute. He played very well in the mode, so look out for him to have some popoff maps in that mode. Fire did as well have good advanced stats in Hardpoint, finishing Stage 1 with 2.39 kills per minute and 291.0 damage per minute. Ramby is more known as an SnD star, but performed well in Control during Stage 2. He finished with a 1.07 KD in the mode with 0.73 caps per attacking round.

Pro AM Classic: Group A Preview

Strike X has been placed in Group A for the Pro AM classic with Atlanta FaZe, Toronto Ultra, and Seattle Surge. This will be an extremely difficult group for Gunsii & Co, as they have the hardest road of the 4 AM teams this tournament. During the coaches poll we asked each coach to pick the two teams they thought would make it out of each group and Strike X didn’t receive a single vote to make it out. While they might not have received any votes to make it out, it doesn’t mean that this team can be overlooked.

When to watch Strike X play?

  • Thursday, May 5th – 3:00 pm EST vs Toronto Ultra
  • Thursday, May 5th – 6:00 pm EST vs Atlanta FaZe
  • Friday, May 6th – 4:30 pm EST vs Seattle Surge
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