Weekly Loadout #1

Responding to CDL Twitter’s Questions and Hot Takes

Hello and welcome everyone to the first ever Weekly Loadout here on Breaking Point! I’m PescaroDB and I have been writing for BP for about a month now. To get the fans more involved in the conversation around all things Call of Duty League, I figured it would be a great idea to have a “mailbag” style feature that we post weekly on the website. I appreciate everyone who participated in this first edition of the Weekly Loadout and I have included their tweets below. Now, let’s dive into the questions and hot takes that we received following the first weekend of matches for the Major II Qualifiers.

Newfie_CoD97 made a prediction that Seattle Surge will not get a win this season (Major win) based on their recent play as well as the Pred to OpTic roster drama that unfolded. Prior to the drama, Seattle placed 2nd at Major I in Raleigh and looked to be the same dynamic team that won Major III during the Vanguard season. Their fatal flaw is the inability to adapt on the fly in Search and Destroy and it cost them a Map 5 loss to the new look OpTic Texas roster who had very little practice since bringing Dashy back on board. 

I personally feel that a roster change could be necessary if they want to get back on track. Sib and Pred are young stars in the making and it’s possible they need teammates that better match their pace of play than an AR like Accuracy who is statistically the slowest playing AR in the game.

K3mpin provided an interestingly timed hot take regarding the Top 5 AR conversation in the CDL. I’m not going to debate whether or not Zer0 is being held back by his fellow London Royal Ravens teammates. I personally don’t see him as a Top 5 AR in the game currently and it’s surprising that the Ravens decided to bench him and bring back PaulEhx. 

The London camp has been shuffling around the AR position a lot so far this year as they are trying to find the right players to compliment Asim who is performing at an elite level. The meta change from the M4 to the TAQ-56 has been hardest on the London Royal Ravens and until they are able to adapt, it’s going to be tough to include any AR’s from this squad in the Top 5 discussion.

itsMrKFD made a bold claim that the Las Vegas Legion are a Top 4 LAN team at the moment with the reasons being that the Los Angeles Thieves don’t look good right now and the Seattle Surge are hit or miss on LAN. This take isn’t as crazy as it may appear to be when you first read it over. Vegas did in fact place T6 at the Major I event in Raleigh and LAT are in a bit of trouble right now with Kenny not being able to play due to illness.

It’s likely that LAT will start off the Major II LAN in Boston out of the loser’s bracket and they just might see Seattle join them. Seattle is 0-2 so far in Major II Qualifiers and can’t seem to win an SnD Map. As stated previously, Seattle did look much better on LAN where they placed 2nd so it’s hard to argue whether or not they aren’t a solid LAN team. Vegas is no longer the team that everyone expects to be the worst in the league and the strong play from both Temp and Clayster is a big reason why. The question is whether they can prove this claim and place Top 4 at Major II.

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