MP40 Best Loadouts: Vanguard Competitive Class Setups

We’re bringing back gun guides for Competitive class set-ups in Call of Duty Vanguard. We have been watching every played in the Call of Duty League during the opening weekend and have gathered our favorite builds. Players have been experimenting with different attachments over the opening weekend. They have seemed to have found the best builds for the first weapon we will be looking at, the MP40. The SMG is the best in its class, clearly being the weapon of choice for all SMG players. Here is a look at five different builds for the MP40 being used around the League!

Base MP40

The base MP40 is clear-cut the best SMG in its class. It boasts top-tier damage, damage range, and bullet velocity. The recoil is easily manageable, even though we do have the bloom mechanic inside the game. The iron sights are very clean and open, meaning you do not need a sight attached to the weapon. Here are the 5 professional builds by CDL SMGs.


The first player we are looking into is LA Thieves’ Dylan “Envoy” Hannon. His build limited recoil while boosting movement and damage range. Lowering the horizontal recoil makes it easier to run the iron sights and take longer-range fights. His weapon also has a higher fire rate and damage range. That in combination with the faster movement speed makes this build great for the rushing SMG.


Next up we have the New York Subliners’ Travis “Neptune” McCloud. The cracked-out SMG has been playing very well in the opening weekend of Vanguard, winning multiple tournaments. This build is unique but might not be okayed for competitive soon with the damage increasing magazine attached. This build sees increases in multiple damage categories including damage range, overall damage, melee attack speed, and vehicle damage. It does have decreased fire rate, higher vertical recoil, slower sprint out speed, and a wider hipfire. This build is great for mid-range engagements, so give it a try and let us know how you like it.


The reigning World Champion and MVP has been somehow better in Call of Duty Vanguard. Chris “Simp” Lehr has certainly adapted very well to the new title, winning a lot of Kickoff Tournaments with Atlanta FaZe. His MP40 build is the second build that doesn’t have the optic attachment on the weapon. This build has its recoil decreased significantly with faster base movement speed and a quicker reload. It’s a great all-around weapon that you should certainly try out.


The star flex for the LA Thieves has transitioned into the SMG role for the team. Zach “Drazah” Jordan has shown fantastic form during the first week of the game. He has worked very well with his sub duo Envoy and has helped the team find great results right off the bat. Drazah has been using an interesting build, one with its recoil nerfed significantly and multiple movement and damage categories increased. It’s an easily manageable weapon when firing and allows you to move around quicker on the map. The quicker sprint-out speed allows players to fully utilize the increased movement speed and continue being aggressive on the map. Give this build a run!


The French Phenom Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez is the final class we will look at for the MP40. The SMG for the New York Subliners has had terrific form during the opening week of Vanguard. He has helped New York win multiple tournaments over the opening week and this has been the class he has been using. Again, this class may have to be tweaked in competitive due to it using damage-increasing rounds but has the basis of a great class. Give it a try in pubs to fry all those Timmys.


These have been our favorite MP40 builds over the opening week of the Call of Duty Vanguard launch. There are many more builds out there so we will continue to update and release more builds for players to trial. Next up is the STG44, which we have seen AR players enjoy as the long-range AR. Let us know how you like the new article format and which of the five weapon builds are your favorites!

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