Ultra too much for Kenny-less Thieves

With Kenny out due to illness the Thieves would be playing with Capsidal in his place. A difficult situation in nearly any circumstance yet somehow made even more daunting facing off against a team of the caliber of Toronto Ultra.

Map 1 was pure chaos as Toronto and LAT traded blows back and forth. One team would look like they were pulling away before the other would turn it all around with a huge break. Toronto finally closed the map out 250-241 on the early rotation to P5 after LAT kept themselves alive after insane hill breaks on P3 and P4. It was an impressive performance from Big Cap who led his team and the lobby in kills at 28-25.

Map 2 was back to Mercardo but this time the Thieves could not keep up with the rampant Canadian side. Scrappy put up an 11-1 performance as the Ultra romped to a swift 6-1 victory.

We went over to Hotel for Map 3 and Thieves started off with a fast B Capture but couldn’t convert the round as Standy dominated around A managing to pick up streaks and keep Thieves off the point. Toronto managed to secure a last second capture on B to go 2-0 up on the map before closing the map and the series out 3-0 after an insane hold for over a minute with the Thieves only needing 1 more tick on A to take the round.

A very difficult situation for the Thieves but they now fall to 0-3 in the Stage 2 Qualifiers.

Author: LordJosh

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