Ever since the M4 Assault Rifle got GA’d during Stage I of the Modern Warfare 2 Call of Duty League Season, the weapon meta has remained consistent. AR players switched to running the TAQ-56 whereas SMG players continued using the Vaznev-9K. The Season 2 Update brought with it a nerf of the Vaznev which opens the door for a potential meta change. Let’s discuss the alternatives that could replace the Vaznev and become the main SMG that competitive players use in Ranked Play.

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Before diving into the speculation of a new meta for the SMG class, we need to briefly cover the options that are not available for one reason or another. Out of the nine total weapons that make up the SMG category, two of them are not applicable for the purposes of Ranked Play. The Fennec was a weapon that was available at launch and has been part of the Warzone 2 meta for quite some time now. Pro players opted to ban this gun from competitive play since the start of the season and that rule has not changed. The Bas-P is the other SMG that is not part of the discussion due to it being added as a DLC weapon in Season 1. Based on prior seasons, pros have avoided using guns that were added post-launch therefore, the Bas-P and any other SMGs that are added in future updates will not be part of the competitive meta.

#5. VEL 46 (MP7):

Vel 46 is ELITE at close range, and that’s about it…

More commonly known as the MP7 throughout the history of the COD Franchise, this weapon has not typically been used in competitive play. The rate of fire, mobility, and default magazine size of 40 are the standout advantages to using the Vel 46. Although this seems like an appealing option, the damage range and accuracy for anything further than close quarters are the main weaknesses that hold this gun back from being legitimately considered for Ranked Play. At best, the Vel 46 makes for a situational SMG that could be very useful for particular maps and modes such as Mercado Hardpoint.

#4. PDSW 528:

PDSW 528 has plenty of ammo in the clip but no other redeeming qualities

Similar to the Vel 46, the PDSW is an SMG that has been recurring in the COD Franchise for over the last decade. Initially known as the P90, the PDSW in Modern Warfare II sticks to the formula that has made this gun what it is throughout the years. A default magazine capacity of 50 is very appealing at first glance considering you won’t be getting caught in a reload animation too often. There aren’t any other clear advantages that using the PDSW 528 provides which is the reason for it placing fourth overall on this list.

#3. Minibak:

Minibak combines the mobility and clip capacity of the previous options

The Minibak falls under the same weapon family (Kastov) as the Vaznev and that’s about it when it comes to their similarities. Known previously in COD as the Bizon and Bullfrog, this weapon has remained consistent in that it features a high rate of mobility along with a base magazine size of 50 rounds. The lack of recoil makes this SMG very easy to control and a potential sleeper to take over the SMG meta in MWII for lower tier Ranked Play. Damage range and initial rate of fire are the biggest negatives about the Minibak that hold it back from taking over the top spot for higher levels of play.

#2. FSS Hurricane:

FSS Hurricane is the closest thing to an all around weapon in Modern Warfare II

When Scump was using this gun in the MWII Open Beta, many of us were certain that this was going to be the main SMG in the competitive meta. Following a common trend in the SMG category for MWII, the FSS Hurricane comes equipped with a default 50 round magazine and is essentially a faster handling version of the M4 Assault Rifle (which was GA’d from Competitive Play during Stage I of the CDL Season). It has respectable range for an SMG but the damage is similar to that of the Minibak in that it doesn’t quite pack enough of a punch. Perhaps in the right hands, the FSS Hurricane could take over as the main SMG or be used as a hybrid AR/SMG in certain maps and modes (similar to the Maddox in Black Ops 4).

#1. Lachmann Sub (MP5):

Lachmann Sub is the clear #1 contender to claim the top spot from the Vaznev

Each of the previous options can make a case for how it’s a situationally better option than the Vaznev-9K following the Season 2 nerf that it received. As of the conclusion of Stage III Week 1, CDL players are still using the Vaznev as the go-to SMG. The Lachmann (MP5) however, is still in the running to take over as the main SMG in competitive play. It is similar to the Vaznev in that it has great mobility combined with solid damage even at mid to long range. Initial fire rate is where the Lachmann shows its strengths compared to the current SMG meta but the tradeoff is that accuracy at range with sustained fire is a bit tougher to control. It will be interesting to see if more people give this weapon a shot in Ranked Play and whether that will have any impact on the overall meta in Challengers or even the CDL.

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