Top 5 Seattle Surge Stats 

 * Does NOT include Kickoff or Pro-Am Stats

The top 5 Seattle Surge stats that you may not have known…

9 — Surge are currently on a 9 series winning streak. That is tied for the 3rd longest win streak in the CDL era, along with MW Mutineers and CW Ultra. They’re still four wins away from breaking CW FaZe’s streak of 13 (#1) and three wins away from this year’s best of OpTic at 12 wins in a row (#2). 

70% Surge’s round 11 win rate. They’re a middle-of-the-road team when it comes to SnD (53% win rate, 19-17 record), but they are icy. Surge are a League best 7-3 (70%) in round 11 SnD’s. They’ve played four round 11’s against FaZe and are 2-2 in Round 11’s against FaZe. Ice man effect?  

234.8 — Surge average 234.8 points on Bocage Hardpoint. That’s the highest average points scored on the map, even higher than FaZe (233.0 points). Surge are also the only team to have beaten FaZe more than once on Bocage HP. They’re plus/minus (points scored – points scored against) on the map is +322, 2nd only to FaZe (+539). It’s no surprise that Surge’s young trio feast on the map. Sib and Mack are some of the top Bocage HP performers in the League. Pred has more kills (526) on Bocage HP than any other player in the League, and the highest SMG KD (1.17) in the League on Bocage HP.

29.13 — P3 Berlin is the 3rd highest scored hill in Hardpoint this year at 46.08 combined points (total points scored by either team) per hill. The team that holds or wins the break, gets the time on P3. Surge are the best team on P3 Berlin, averaging 29.13 points every time they’re on it, with a total plus/minus of 151 on the hill.

208 —  Since Berlin Control entered the CDL map rotation, Surge have dominated that map. They’re 6-1 (86%) on Berlin Control and hold the best overall round win % in the League (70%). They are #1 in the League in surplus control lives on Berlin, with a total of 208 extra lives across 7 matches. It’s a lot easier to win in Control when you slay out the competition.

More Surge Facts:

Surge is a well rounded team. They have a >50% win rate in each of the three game modes. In Hardpoint, Seattle has a 55% win rate (24-20, 5th among all CDL teams). They score 226.66 pts per Hardpoint map (3rd among all CDL teams). Their best map is Bocage (10-5 record), and are in a good groove in the mode winning 6 of their last 8 HP’s, dropping two to FaZe at Major III. The team’s weakness in Hardpoint? Gavutu. At 0-6 it’s turned into their auto veto.

In SnD, Surge have a 53% winrate (19-17). Middle of the pack. They are 3rd in both attacking round win % (50%) and first blood win % (75%). Also they are 1 of 3 teams (OpTic, Ultra, Surge) who have above a 50% W% on Attack on Tuscan SnD. On Desert Siege SnD, they are the only team in the League with over a 50% retake success % (winning a round the offensive team has planted bomb) on defense (56%). The best streak they’ve had in SnD this year is a 4 map winning streak, but they also a 4 map losing streak as well.

Surge’s best mode is Control. They have the 2nd best Control record in the League, with a 62% win rate (16-10 record). This puts them right behind only OpTic. 6 times they have 3-0 swept the Control, while never have been being swept themselves. The only real blemish is they are 6-8 in Round 5’s. If they can keep locking down Game 3, they will always be hard to beat.

After their epic performance winning Major 3, Surge won their first series of Major 4 Qualifiers. The win streak extends to 9. They’re on roll and have a great shot at winning the next couple of matches before going head-to-head against FaZe in the final series before the Major for win #13, to tie CW FaZe’s record. Surge have been hot and cold this year, but they’ve turned up when it matters the most. Surge may be the most tantalizing team to watch going into Champs.

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  1. Bryce Powers

    Past few years have been rough for us Surge fans. Refreshing having a team starting to put it together!

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