Top 5 OpTic Texas Stats

Here are the top 5 OpTic Texas stats from this season…

4.19 — OpTic averages 4.19 offensive tick captures per round in Control. They’re the only CDL team to average above 4 offensive tick captures per round. The next closest team? Toronto Ultra, at 3.85 offensive tick captures per round. It helps out immensely if you need to go to round 5 in a Control when you can capture as many ticks as OpTic does. Having Dashy—who currently has the highest Control KD in the League (1.35)—on the squad might not hurt either!

14 — OpTic set a CDL record with 14 straight Control map wins in a row until they were beaten by Seattle Surge in their opening match at Major II. They broke the previous record of 13 straight Control wins, set by the Toronto Ultra back in Cold War.

12 — CDL record for most series won in a row is 13, set by Atlanta FaZe last year in Cold War. OpTic is 2nd, winning 12 series in a row before being swept by the Seattle Surge at Major II.

202.53 — At the time of writing, OpTic Texas is 27-15 in Hardpoint, averaging 228.12 pts per map. Even when they lose, OpTic are the only team in the league to average over 200 pts per loss, with 202.53 pts. OpTic are always competitive in Hardpoint, even when they lose.

11 — It’s nice to get a clean 3-0 sweep, and OpTic are the best at it. They have an 11-1 series record where a sweep is recorded. Always sweeping, and never swept. The one snag was again, vs. Seattle Surge in Major 2.

*Does NOT include Kickoff or Pro-Am Stats

Top 5 OpTic Facts Continued:

OpTic is really, really good at Control this season. Whether OpTic is sweeping or trying to mount a comeback, they can count on the mode to be a backbone of their success. It’s no surprise OpTic are one of the top teams in the league when they have a cornerstone mode to rely on. At 24-4, they are the best Control team this season. 3 of their 4 losses in the mode have come on Tuscan, but they also have 13 wins on Tuscan (13-3). That’s more wins on Tuscan CTL than Legion, Guerrillas, Thieves, Royal Ravens, & Subliners COMBINED.

When we look at OpTic’s Hardpoint, they boast a CDL best 64.29% HP win % and a 27-15 HP record. OpTic’s best HP map is Gavutu (8-2), where they have cumulatively outscored opponents this season by a total of 558 pts. In their only 2 losses on the map, OpTic scored 248 pts (vs. Florida Mutineers) and 247 pts (vs. Boston Breach). OpTic average a whopping 249.5 pts per map on Gavutu HP.

OpTic currently hold the 3rd best Search and Destroy record, at 20-15 (57.14% SnD map win %). Their Game 5 record is middle-of-the road at 3-4, along with their R11 record at 5-6. Not the most clutch this season, but not the worst.

Overall, OpTic is one of—if not the best—respawn teams in the game this year. They’ve been better at SnD than previous years, but aren’t elite in the game mode. With the pope returning soon, OpTic may see a boost to their Search play and a deep Champs run in the cards this season!

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  1. You forgot the stat where they win more head to head games against Faze this season

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