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 *Does NOT include Kickoff or Pro-Am statistics*

23.44 — On Bocage, what some might consider the most competitive Hardpoint map this year, the Subliners have shined on one particular hill. They are 2nd in the league in average points scored on Bocage P3 with 23.44 points per rotation. Although the hill is the least scored P3 of all the four Hardpoint maps, New York makes the best of the worst situation.

57.14% While even at 12-12 in Control, New York clutch up in round five’s. They currently hold the second-best record at 8-6, with a win percentage of 57.14%, coming out on top in three of the last four occurrences.

62.96% People will tell you getting First Bloods in Search and Destroy is the best way to maximize your odds of winning the round. On Desert Siege, Subliners are well above the rest at accomplishing this. They get the First Blood 62.96% of the time on the map. The next closest is Seattle Surge at 55.07%. It’s a lot easier to win a round when you start off with a life advantage.

80% What’s the next best thing in SnD? Planting the bomb on offense. Subliners are the best team at winning the round when they plant the bomb on Berlin. They win the round 80% of the time when they set that timer. Well above the league average (67.25%).

28 To win in Hardpoint, you need to score points on the active hill. If you don’t score points, you don’t win. Simple! So, if the other team can pitch a shut out on a particular hill, your chances of winning drastically go down. It’s not so easy against New York. They have been shut out only 28 times on a hill this year, the lowest of any team in the league.

More NYSL Facts:

The Subliners have had an up and down year in Hardpoint this season. They started off setting the Call of Duty League record for most losses in a row with 13, before finally securing a victory against Paris Legion in week one of stage two. Since the infamous 0-13, they’ve gone 24-8, and their longest win streak this year is currently nine in a row, which is still active, and tied with Boston Breach and London Royal Ravens. Credit it to roster changes, or good coaching, but NYSL turned it around in Hardpoint. The CDL record is 11, so they have a chance to break that this weekend at Major IV. Good things will happen if they continue to lockdown this mode.

As for Search and Destroy, it’s statistically their worst mode. They are currently 11-19 (36.67%) which is the second-worst record in the league. The league’s average round win rate when planting the bomb is 64.49%. New York is just below at 62.86%. Although their Search and Destroy statistics aren’t much to speak of, they did finish the stage four qualifiers at 3-3. They will have to be more consistent in the mode if they want to see success in the upcoming weeks.

Control is a mode where Subliners have been middle of the pack. They win 50% of the maps, 50% of the rounds, and 50% of their offensive round wins come from capping the point, while the other 50% come from squad wiping the defensive team. They also finished 2-3 in these qualifiers. It’s looking like a coin toss mode for NYSL.

New York finished 4-1 in stage four qualifiers, with a map count of 14-7. That earns them the #2 seed and winner’s bracket for Major IV, which is being held on their home turf in Brooklyn.

They are going to need it because they are the ONLY team in the CDL to NOT have any points from Major tournaments this year. This has really put them in a sticky situation trying to qualify for the Championship Weekend. They need to finish no lower than top three to secure enough points to claim that eighth spot, while needing a couple of teams ahead of them to fail. They need to ride this stage four momentum into the Major to put themselves in the best possible situation to qualify.

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