Top 5 Los Angeles Thieves stats

*Does NOT include Kickoff or Pro-Am stats*

1. 21.94 – Thieves have had a good year in Hardpoint. On Berlin, the P4 hill is the third least scored hill in the game, only averaging 37.15 combined points per rotation by both teams. Thieves, however, led the league this year at 21.94 points. It shows grit when you can find success where other teams find failure.

2. 1.86 – Only four teams have averaged giving up less than two rounds per match in Control. Thieves are one of them, only allowing 1.86 rounds per match. That’s good for third in the league, behind OpTic Texas and Seattle Surge. Taking care of business early in Control leads to success.

3. 55.56% – Clutching is the recipe for success. The Thieves are third in the league in round 11 win percentage with 55.56%. Winning in round 11 carries momentum, and if you can swing the pendulum in your direction you can end the other team’s hopes and close out the series.

4. 351 – Gavutu is the highest scoring map in Hardpoint this year in the league. Three of the top-six scored hills this year have been on Gavutu. The ship, also known as P2 has been particularly good to the Thieves — they have outscored teams by a whopping 351 points overall on the hill. That’s the fifth highest point disparity of any hill for any team in the league. 

5. 54.55% – Planting the bomb on the B site on Tuscan Search and Destroy wins you the round 69.23% of the time. That’s the highest plant win percentage of any bomb site in the league. That made no difference to the Thieves who are number one in retaking the B site, winning 54.55% of the rounds when the offensive team plants the bomb there. They are the ONLY team to accomplish this above 50% of the time.

In Hardpoint, the Thieves post a 33-27 record, which is good for fourth in the league. They started the year hotter than the sun posting a 14-2 record. They’ve since cooled off but can still hold their own. They are tied for fifth in Hardpoint win streak with seven in a row, while also not losing more than three in a row all year, tying OpTic Texas and Boston Breach with the lowest. They’ve also won three of their last four.

For Search and Destroy, the Thieves are pretty average. Only winning 46.94% of their games at 23-26, which is good for eighth. As average as they are, they at least don’t let the losing get too out of hand. They are tied for second in Search and Destroy losing streak, not letting it get past three all year. Clutching up in round 11’s at 5-4, which is third best in the league, but hoping they don’t let it get to game five, because they are only 4-9 (30.77%) which is only good enough for 11th in the league.

They’ve been solid in the third game mode of Control putting up the fourth best record at 20-16 (55.56%). They’ve allowed the third least amount of ticks per defensive round at 3.41 while scoring the third most ticks per offensive round at 3.88. In the first three stages, they were hovering around .500 in the mode but in stage four they racked up an impressive 9-2. Good time get hot in the middle game in a five-game series.

Overall, the Thieves are hitting their stride at the right time. Coming off their New York Major IV victory, they look to carry that success into Champs. They put themselves in a great position to make a run by jumping up to the third seed after finishing out Major IV. They will have to button up some things in Search and Destroy, but as long as they keep the trend in Hardpoint and Control going they will have as good a shot as any to take the title this year.

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