Top 5 Fantasy Picks: Major 2

Major 2 saw Atlanta FaZe return to the summit of Call of Duty as they put an end to the almost historic Loser’s Bracket run from LA Thieves . Time to see who turned up for their teams in Boston.

1. Octane

Octane has always called himself a LAN player and he showed it once again this weekend. The Main AR for the Thieves put up a 1.18 Overall KD on the weekend with a 1.29 in Hardpoint 2nd only to HyDra. But it’s not just his slaying that impressed, Octane came up big with some huge SnD clutches for the Thieves including a massive 14-4 showing in the Loser’s Final against the Minnesota RØKKR. With top tier slaying ability, big game clutch factor and arguably the best communication in the game it’s hard to think of a more complete player that Octane.

Highlights from Major 2:

#1 Overall fantasy points (379.3)
#1 HP fantasy points (163.3)
#4 CTL fantasy points (128.9)

2. Cellium

Another tournament and another 1.3+ KD from Cellium. The almost robotically consistent flex player for Atlanta FaZe once again led the Major in KD Ratio and maintained a ridiculous 1.63 Control KD Ratio. We expect nothing less from MC at this point and he was a key component to Atlanta FaZe finally breaking their win-less drought.

Highlights from Major 2:

#2 Overall fantasy points (351.6)
#1 CTL fantasy points (146.9)

3. Drazah

Drazah is one of the most entertaining players to watch both in and out of game with his penchant for a bit of trash talk. Drazah had a really strong tournament all around boasting a 1.05 and 1.10 in all three gamemodes. Especially his Map 2 performance against the Toronto Ultra as he went 12-2 on Hotel SnD. LA Thieves may have fell short in the Grand Finals but both them and especially Drazah did not fail to entertain us.

Highlights from Major 2:

#3 Overall fantasy points (349.9)
#5 HP fantasy points (101.4)
#3 CTL fantasy points (135.9)
#5 SnD fantasy points (112.5)

4. aBeZy

Some say aBeZy was the true MVP of the Major for Atlanta FaZe. An analogy for his playstyle might be an F1 car without brakes. His dominance in SnD continues with an insane 35.5% first blood rate while also leading Atlanta FaZe in the respawns with the highest Kills per 10 Minutes on his team for both modes. He also picked up arguably the most important two kills of the tournament as he clutched a 1v2 in round 10 of El Asilo SnD against LAT in the Grand Finals. Safe to say aBeZy is back to his best after a rough Vanguard season.

Highlights from Major 2:

#4 Overall fantasy points (346.6)
#5 CTL fantasy points (118.2)
#3 SnD fantasy points (127.6)

5. Envoy

Rounding out our list is the 3rd member of the LA Thieves, Envoy. On a roster with three other very skilled players, Envoy often goes under the radar for the Thieves. Envoy had a really strong Major in both SnD and Control and his aggression and sneaky plays were a constant thorn in the enemies side. He had a massive Loser’s Final performance against the Minnesota RØKKR leading the lobby in Kills, KD and damage. He’s certainly continued to thrive since switching the Green for Red.

Highlights from Major 2:

#5 Overall fantasy points (341.6)
#2 CTL fantasy points (145.1)
#4 SnD fantay points (114.5)

Author: LordJosh

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