Top 5 CDL Players – Post Major 1

The round-up of the Top 5 players following the first Major of the season!

As we enter a new era of Call of Duty esports, let’s take a look at the standout performers from the recent Major, and highlight the players who are leading the charge for MVP. Here are the top five Call of Duty esports players following the first tournament of the season, voted by 10 trusted members of the community.

5. Cellium

Total Top 5 Votes: 6
Total MVP Votes: 1

The BreakingPoint no.1 Ranked Player in the Vanguard season has shown no signs of ever slowing down any time soon. Cellium’s consistent slaying performances helped Faze to yet another Top 3 placement at a Major Tournament. It’s not where the team wants to be, but if Cellium continues to perform at the level he has been, with the #1 Overall KD in the league, there is no reason why Atlanta Faze can’t take home a few Championships this season.


Total Top 5 Votes: 6
Total MVP Votes: 2

Kismet is a player who has been steadily making a name for himself in the Call of Duty esports scene. Despite playing professionally since 2018, the Bulldog has found a resurgence this year, rejuvenating the New York Subliners franchise in the Vanguard season, and now guiding them to their first ever Major. With an MVP trophy to his name, this may be the first time in his career that he’s the best player in his role.

3. Sib

Total Top 5 Votes: 9
Total MVP Votes: 0

Continuing where he left off from last season, Sib has taken the Call of Duty League by storm, and is here to stay. In terms of raw mechanical skill, very few players are better at putting down damage for their team. His Only Asim has more Hardpoint Kills per 10 minutes, and only Hydra has more Control Kills per 10 minutes. If Surge can improve their Search and Destroy, it won’t be a surprise if Sib creeps closer to that number one spot.

2. Pred

Total Top 5 Votes: 10
Total MVP Votes: 0

Pred has shown the world that his unforgettable rookie season wasn’t a fluke. He helped lead Seattle Surge to only their second Major Grand Final since the inception of the CDL, with his consistent slaying power. With a Top 5 KD Ratio in both Respawn Game Modes, and the fifth most First Bloods per round, Pred is one of the most well rounded players in the League.

1. HyDra

Total Top 5 Votes: 10
Total MVP Votes: 7

With only 1 vote outside the top 5 from the voting team, and a whopping 7 MVP votes, it couldn’t be any clearer as to who the best player in the game is right now. New York decided to build around Hydra in the off-season, and their recent win at Major I proved that this was the right call. When Hydra has to roam around the map, he leaves nothing but destruction in his wake. With the #1 SMG KD Ratio in the CDL right now, this is exactly what you want to see if you are a Subliners fan.

MVP Vote Breakdown

Hydra – 7
Kismet – 2
Cellium – 1

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