Top 5 ATL FaZe Stats 

 * Does NOT include Kickoff or Pro-Am Stats

The top 5 Atlanta FaZe stats that you may not have known…

48 FaZe currently are leading the CDL with 48 Hardpoint hill shutouts. 48 times, FaZe did not let the opposing team score a single point on the active hill. They like to bully teams in Hardpoint and also average the most pts on 5 of 20 hills across all the CDL Hardpoint maps (Berlin, Bocage, Gavutu, Tuscan).

699 — FaZe are one of the best Gavutu Hardpoint teams. They have outscored teams a whopping 699 pts this year. Boasting a 10-5 record on the map this season. They like to completely dominate teams on Gavutu HP, giving up a league best 181 pts (on average) on the map. 

44 — Tuscan is one of two maps that is currently being played in all three game modes. The other map is Berlin. FaZe has played Tuscan 44 times. The most by any team on 1 map. Overall they are 28-16 across all 3 modes on Tuscan.

100% —  FaZe have the most wins on Desert Siege SnD with 8. On offense, it helps to plant the bomb on the A-Site, where FaZe have a 100% round win rate. They’ve successfully planted the bomb 10 times on the A-Site and have won all 10 rounds. That’s pretty good considering the average plant success rate on that site is only 68.75%.

5 — Win streaks are all about being consistent. FaZe has had at least a 3-series winning streak 5 times this year. No other team has more than 3. No wonder they are 1st in the league standings!

More FaZe Facts:

Dynastic FaZe: For the 3rd year in a row FaZe are at the top of the league standings with 260 pts. They’ve been the most consistent team in CDL, finishing in 2nd place in all 3 Majors. In the last 2 stages, they’ve been 3-2 in the qualifiers. But they always show up on LAN as the team to beat. They have the most points from Majors with 150 and 2nd most qualifier points with 110 (behind only OpTic with 120).

HP Kings: Hardpoint is once again a strength for FaZe this season. They lead the league in Hardpoint wins (33), Average HP Pts (231.38), Avg HP Differential (+28.58), Total HP Pts scored (12,032), and Strong Holds* (26). They are 2nd in HP Win % with a 63.46% (33-19 HP record), only behind OpTic with 64.29%. They have a winning record on every HP map except Berlin (2-3 record). 

* Strong Holds are hills where one team scores 50+ pts on a hill

Talking’ Bout Practice: The first 2 years of CDL, FaZe was a dominant SnD force, winning 63% of their SnD maps. This year is a little down at 57%, but FaZe are still the 4th best SnD team in the League, with a 25-19 (57% winrate) record in the game mode. They are 2nd among CDL teams in Defensive Round Win % (56.28%) & 2nd in Retake Win % (40.38%).

Atlanta Attackers: In control, FaZe win their offensive rounds by capping the point. FaZe have played 146 rounds of control, more than any other team in the League. When FaZe win their offensive rounds, they capture both points 71.43% of the time, which is also #1 among all teams in the league. 

Overall, it might seem as if FaZe is having an off-year. They haven’t won any events, and they’re not the clear #1 team in any of the 3 modes. But they’ve easily been the most consistent team in the League. If having an off-year means they finish in 2nd place in all 3 majors and have a comfortable lead in the overall standings, then I think most teams would love to have an “off-year”. As always, FaZe will go into Major IV and Champs as one of the heavy favorites.

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