Top 20 players of Modern Warfare: #7 Octane

The definition of consistency, the #7 player of the Modern Warfare season, Sam “Octane” Larew impressed individually tournament to tournament throughout the entire season. The #7 player, presented by BattleBeaver, was one of the lone bright spots of the Seattle Surge season and put up MVP numbers in what seemed like easy fashion.

Last year was the first iteration of the top 20 where analysts, content creators, and personalities voted on the top 20 players in the recent season. This year we have 16 voters today, with the likes of Brandon “NovusVita” Hewitt (Paris Legion Analyst for the ’19-’20 season), Ryan “Flux” Oldfield (Toronto Ultra analyst), IUOTurtle (Community Stats), and Cam Allen joining us to vote on who their top 20 players were for the Modern Warfare season.

Octane’s rise

Octane made his competitive debut at the end of 2014 on Advanced Warfare bouncing between teams as he found his footing among the likes of Envy and Elevate finishing the season 3rd at the MLG World Finals. In the upcoming Black Ops 3 season, Octane would find stability with the Rise Nation squad never placing below top 6 the entire season with a 5-6 placement at CoD Champs. Infinite Warfare and World War 2, Octane played with the LG squad, again with consistently high placements and several 1st place finishes.

Although Octane made a short appearance on OpTic Gaming at the end of the WW2 season, it was short-lived with a 17-24 finish at CoD Champs. Octane found his way on to 100 Thieves for the Black Ops 4 season making one of the most dominant season runs to date with multiple top 4 finishes, and back-to-back 1st place finishes. Unfortunately, they could not best the streaking eUnited at CoD Champs and ended the season with a 2nd place finish.


On October 21, 2019, Octane was announced by Seattle Surge to be on the starting roster, alongside Karma, Enable, Slacked, and Apathy. The Surge didn’t get off to the best of starts at the launch weekend in Minnesota. They lost both matches in game five to Mutineers and Ultra, ending the weekend 0-2.

This rough form continued in week two where they were beaten by Dallas Empire twice to prevent the team from making their first semi-finals. Despite having so many experienced veterans on the roster, Seattle looked uncoordinated and disorganized. They decided to bench Enable for substitute Pandur right before the Los Angeles Home Series, but the losses kept piling on. Surge left LA with just one victory and the team was now 2-5 in series count.

Octane and his teammates returned to action at the Dallas Online Home Series as a result of the Coronavirus Pandemic. They looked like a much better side than before but ultimately failed to close out both series they played. Two game five losses to RØKKR and Legion increased the loss tally to eight, and it was quite clear that the roster change failed to solve any of the previous issues.

Seattle stuck to their guns and headed to the next tournament unchanged, and were able to book a spot in the very first semi-finals of their season. In the end, Atlanta FaZe were too strong to defeat, and it was hard to tell whether Surge made significant improvements, with both wins in pool play coming against LA Guerillas again.

Things took a turn for the worse for Octane and his teammates heading into the next Home Series hosted by their own franchise. After making the semi-finals of the previous tournament, Surge suffered defeats to New York Subliners and an LA Guerillas team that they defeated four times already. Fans were not happy, and Octane had every right to be frustrated seeing as he was the only consistent performer on the roster. Sam’s teammate Karma announced his retirement after the event, and second substitute Proto stepped in his place for the next Home Series.

Seattle surprised everyone in their first series of the weekend, going up 2-0 against Atlanta of all teams. Unfortunately, all this momentum crumbled away, as a technical difficulty forced them to wait 45 minutes before playing map three. FaZe took the following three maps and Surge couldn’t be more frustrated – as shown by their angry tweets in the wake of the defeat. Octane and his teammates managed to reverse sweep RØKKR in the next game, but a second beating at the hands of the Dallas Empire meant another Home Series without a trip to the semi-finals.

The frustration didn’t end there. At the next tournament Slacked lost connection to the game in map one of the opening series versus London Royal Ravens. Yet again Octane and his teammates took to Twitter to voice their anger about how the league was lacking competitive integrity. The team finished with no wins in this event as well as the following event, ending the regular season in 11th with just 50 CDL points.

Champs was Seattle’s last chance to salvage the season, but with them starting in Losers Round 1 they had absolutely no room for error. Map one went the way of Paris, and Octane tried dragging his team over the line in map two with a 14-6 performance. Paris took all three maps which booted Seattle out of Champs with zero wins, epitomizing their entire lackluster season.

Statistical Breakdown

When you think of the best Main AR of Call of Duty, one name that comes to mind instantly is Sam Larew. He was a model of consistency this season, with his lowest KD of a tournament being a 1.14. His slaying numbers in respawn modes were ridiculous, not going negative in Hardpoint at any event and only going negative twice in Domination. Here is a breakdown of his key statistics throughout the season:

While he had godly numbers in the respawn modes, Octane did have his fair share of struggles in the Search & Destroy mode. Finishing the year with a 0.94 in the mode, he would only finish 50% of the events with a positive KD. He also had below-average numbers in the objective category in Domination, mainly because his role was slaying heavy. Check out his detailed game mode breakdowns below:


His strongest mode of the season, Octane was widely considered one of the best Hardpoint players of the season. He led countless tournaments in both KD and kills per 10 minutes, and never had his cumulative KD dip below a 1.00. He finished with the highest season KD (1.30) and kills per 10 minutes (27.93) in the entire league. Out of 41 maps, he would end with a 1.00 KD or higher in 36 maps, going negative just 5 times. He was a one-man army for the Surge and helped power them to be a threat in the mode.

Search & Destroy

His weakest mode of the season, SnD was the only mode that Sam would end with a negative KD. He ended the year on a high note in the final map of the season at CoD Champs, going 14-6 in the final map. He’d end with a 0.94, his peak for the year. It was a mode that he will need to improve on next season, but it was difficult to tell if his struggles were individual or caused by the struggles within the team.


Another very strong mode for Octane, Domination was another mode that it was a treat to watch him play. He ended the season with the highest KD in the mode for the entire league (1.27) and 4th highest kills per game (23.12). He wen negative just 5 maps out of the 25 maps that the Surge played. He was extremely dominant, keeping his cumulative KD above a 1.40 for the majority of the season. His highlight performance of the season was a 35-13 performance vs the Dallas Empire at CDL London. He’ll undoubtedly continue to be a force in respawns next season.

Here are Octane’s season series statistics. It breaks down how he did in each length of series, whether the series went 3, 4, or 5 maps. His high for kills in a single series was 125 kills during a 5 map series versus the LA Guerrillas at CDL London. He’d get to triple-digit kills three times total, hitting the mark versus the Atlanta FaZe (118 kills) and Toronto Ultra (104). The Human Turret ended with eight series with 90+ kills. As for his highest KD marks, he finished with a ridiculous high of 2.08 series KD versus LA Guerrillas at CDL LA when he dropped 81 kills and 39 deaths during the series. Check out more series data below:

Why #7 for Octane?

Octane was the one shining light for the Surge team throughout the Modern Warfare season. Although their wins were few, games were at times close thanks to star performances from Octane. He finished the season with the 5th overall adjusted KD ratio (1.17) and the highest respawn kills per 10 minutes (30.1) despite playing the main AR role. In Hardpoint, he leads his team in objective time (71s per 10 minutes) but also kills per 10 minutes (28.7) and KD ratio (1.31). Octane was a do it all player, with highlight performances even in Search & Destroy including his 1v4 clutch against OGLA.

A look towards Black Ops Cold War

Octane had his contract extended into the 2021 season by the Seattle Surge this offseason, expectedly. The star player will be joined by star flex player Peirce “Gunless” Hillman, IGL Daniel “Loony” Loza, and entry SMG Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson. The newly reformed roster will look to improve on their struggles during the 2020 Modern Warfare season, as they will have high expectations yet again.

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