Top 20 players of Modern Warfare: #18 Attach

Dillon “Attach” Price takes the number 18 spot on this year’s top 20 for his contributions as an SMG player for the New York Subliners.

Early Beginnings

Attach made his competitive debut in 2013 at an early age of 16 (prior to the current-day age restriction) during the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 season. Attach is most known for being a former world champion (CoD Championship 2015 – Advanced Warfare) and as a member of FaZe Clan from 2015 until the end of 2018 alongside duo Thomas “Zoomaa” Paparatto.

From debut to the end of the 2019 CoD World League season (Black Ops 4), Attach racked up five tournament/playoff first place finishes along with several runner-up finishes. However, disappointment ensued during the Black Ops 4 season with FaZe Clan getting knocked out in the Pro League Qualifier. This saw the team split with Attach moving to Evil Geniuses.

The 2020 Season

The launch of the CoD League with Modern Warfare brought on city-based franchising. With that, Attach found his way onto the New York Subliners (NYSL) alongside old duo Zoomaa and teammates Donovan “Temp” Laroda, Lamar “Accuracy” Abedi, and Trei “Zer0” Morris.

The early part of the season proved challenging for the Subliners. During the Minnesota Opener, Subliners finished 0-2 in series count with a 0-3 loss to the London Royal Ravens and a 1-3 loss to Atlanta FaZe. Despite Attach and Zoomaa leading the way in slaying, none of the matches were close except for NYSL taking Hackney Yard Domination against ATL 201-136. Their first series win came in the following homestand at CDL London against the Paris Legion with a 3-1 victory. Subliners then found themselves up against the Ravens on home turf taking a 2-0 lead in map count only for Ravens to come back and win three straight. During the knockout match at CDL London, Subliners rematched against the Legion to lose 0-3 concluding their tournament run. Despite Attach leading the team with a 0.99 KD ratio and 26.2 kills per 10 minutes (behind Zoomaa at 27.8), something had to change.

Change meant Subliners bringing in Nick “Happy” Suda in place of Zer0 for the LA homestand. However, Subliners were knocked out with another 0-2 (series count) performance losing 1-3 to Dallas Empire and 1-3 to Florida Mutineers. This was the last straw.

Subliners next move was to pick up Mackenzie “Mack” Kelley, a top amateur player from Hybrid Black (second place at the Challengers Launch Weekend Open). With guidance from Attach and the veteran Subliner squad, Subliners made a statement at the Chicago homestand defeating the Chicago Huntsmen 3-2. Attach led this series with a respawn KD ratio of 1.17 and a SnD KD ratio of 1.36. Their next matchup was against FaZe. NY won both Hardpoints in dominating fashion, 250-177 on Rammaza and 250-84 on St Petrograd with Attach leading the team at a 1.50 KD ratio. Unfortunately, Subliners weren’t able to close the series out. They ended up falling to Huntsmen in a rematch concluding their Chicago homestand run. However, there were a lot of positive takeaways as a team. Attach made the SCUF Team of the Week leading the team in SnD KD ratio at 1.17.

The next three tournaments saw a renewed Subliner team, consistently making it out of group stages. Their trouble was making a final. Two of their semi-final matches in the past three tournaments ended in a game five loss, with one of their semi-finals ending in a 1-3 loss. Attach would continue to play a supporting role empowering his team to new heights. Notably, Attach led his team in Domination KD ratio during this period at a 1.27. During this stretch of tournaments, the team had become the fourth best Hardpoint team (by win-rate) and the fifth best team overall (by win-rate).

The New York homestand was their big break. First match was against a struggling Minnesota Rokkr who were currently on a four-series losing streak. Subliners dismantled Rokkr with a 3-1 victory, their only loss coming from a narrow 159-141 score line on Hackney Yard Domination. Their next match would be against the Huntsmen. Despite close games in respawn, Huntsmen would ultimately take the match in another game five, 6-3 on Gun Runner Search and Destroy. Subliners then faced off against the Ravens in the group knockout match where Subliners took the victory with a 3-1 map count. Subliners had done it again, made it out of groups into the semi-final match. This time, against a renewed Toronto Ultra who had just recently subbed in Tobi “CleanX” Juul Jønsson. Despite close respawn maps, Subliners made quick work of Ultra with a 3-0 victory earning them a spot in the grand final at their own homestand. Against the Chicago Huntsmen, Subliners claimed victory with a 3-0 performance cementing themselves as the winner of CDL New York.

Attach would finish this tournament with a 1.28 KD in Hardpoint (#1 overall) and a 1.41 KD in Search & Destroy (#5 overall), New York’s two best game modes this tournament. Attach would also find himself on the SCUF Team of the Week for a 2nd time along with teammates Mack and Temp.

Coming off their victory, Subliners struggled in the last homestand (CDL London #2) of the year not making it out of the group stage. They netted a 3-0 victory of LAG but proceeded to lose 0-3 to both the Dallas Empire and Legion.

Subliners set their eyes on the Call of Duty League Championship. Their first round match would be against Rokkr who were currently on a 8-series losing streak. Subliners took the series 3-1 only dropping the Search & Destroy. Advancing from Round 1 pitted them against Huntsmen who they have gone back and forth with all season currently at a 2-3 series record. Subliners took both Hardpoints while narrowly losing Game 2 Search & Destroy in a Round 11 and narrowly losing Gun Runner Domination 149-145. Another Game 5 with Huntsmen coming out on top with a 6-2 victory on St Petrograd. This loss dropped Subliners into the losers bracket with a match against the Royal Ravens. In another Game 5 conclusion, Ravens ended up besting Subliners in a 3-2 finish concluding the Modern Warfare season for the team. Despite the finish, Subliners put up a strong record in Hardpoint (4-2) and Domination (2-1) with Attach leading the team in KD ratio for both game modes; 1.23 and 1.34 respectively.

Subliners season placements

A look back on the season shows a team that went through hardships but overcame it to find success. Subliners finished the year with the 4th best Hardpoint win-rate with Attach leading the team in KD. As their Search & Destroy sniper, Attach and the Subliners finished the season with a 6-0 Round 11 Search & Destroy record.

Subliners Hardpoint season stats

To The Future

Attach is set to join the Minnesota Rokkr in a roster overhaul. A bold move by the organization with a roster that (on the surface) raises questions. Attach and Priestahh will be the SMG duo, a scary duo to say the least. Majormaniak rounds out the flex role with Accuracy as main AR. This is a veteran squad that has experience at the highest level and two championships under their belt. Look out for Attach to play an even more influential role on this squad.

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