Top 20 players of Modern Warfare: #13 Cammy

Next up on our list is the Scottish sensation of Toronto Ultra, Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan. Cammy was a Search and Destroy general in the 2020 season, and no player finished more SND games with the most kills in the lobby than Cammy (12). This combined with the ability to consistently slay in respawns earned him the number 13 spot.

Last year was the first iteration of the top 20 where analysts, content creators, and personalities voted on the top 20 players in the recent season. This year we have 16 voters today, with the likes of Brandon “NovusVita” Hewitt (Paris Legion Analyst for the ’19-’20 season), Ryan “Flux” Oldfield (Toronto Ultra analyst), and Cam Allen joining us to vote on who their top 20 players were for the Modern Warfare season.

Early struggles

Cammy and Toronto Ultra had a rough start to the inaugural CDL season, winning just one of their first six games and coming last in both Home Series attended. These six series were ultimately the only ones they played in a LAN environment, as the COVID outbreak forced the league to switch to online play. Fortunately this loss streak ended at the Dallas online Home Series. Cammy scored an incredible 3.33 kill death ratio in the Search and Destroy match against Florida Mutineers to progress to the next round. Home favorites Dallas Empire however, had other ideas. They were able to defeat Ultra 3-0, and Florida were able to get revenge in the following game to knock them out of the tournament. Although this was another failed attempt at reaching a semi finals, there was a strong case that Toronto were simply unlucky at this tournament, as the two teams in their group both made the Grand Finals. The highlight of this event for Cammy was this insane 1-versus-two clutch against Florida Mutineers on Rammaza SND.

The search for a semi final appearance continued. Ultra finally found their spark in the Florida Home Series, starting with a win against New York Subliners who they met for the very first time. Cammy continued to show his SND prowess by dropping a 2.75 KD in map two to help his team get their third victory. The success continued in the next series, as Toronto made up for their launch weekend loss against Minnesota RØKKR to send them to the first semi final of the season. Standing in their way was a revitalized Optic Gaming team ready for war. LA drew first blood with a 250-229 Hardpoint win, but Toronto answered back with successive blows, to go up 2-1 in the series. OGLA were back on the rise in map four, and carried the momentum over to map five to take the series 3-2. Cammy put a rocket under the team in this series, compiling 117 kills in total, including a 43 kill performance in the map four loss.

Regardless of the semi final loss to Optic, it was clear that Ultra were on the road to recovery.

However, all this momentum came to a halt at the following Home Series, as Ultra crashed out with zero wins. Cammy suffered his worst ever series in an Ultra shirt against Chicago Huntsmen, dropping a subpar 0.7 KD ratio. Cammy soon bounced back though. In a rematch against Optic at the Paris Home series, Cammy helped his team cruise to a 3-0 victory, achieving a personal best KDR of 1.53 vs Optic. His 25-11 performance in the map one set the tone for the rest of the series, but unfortunately not the rest of the event. New York Subliners instead sought some revenge of their own, and took down Toronto before they could reach bracket play.

New York continued to rain on Ultra’s parade at the following Home Series. This time round though, the two sides met in the semi finals. Before this match, Toronto subbed in CleanX and delivered back to back victories against Paris Legion and a strong Atlanta FaZe team. These wins were fueled by a dominant performance from Cammy, where he dropped a 1.21 overall KDR against Paris, followed by a spectacular 13-5 map two performance against Atlanta. The loss to eventual Home Series winners New York stopped Toronto dead in their tracks, but it was clear that large strides were made with the addition of CleanX.

first home series victory

Toronto Ultra were given the privilege of hosting the final Home Series of the regular season, and the timing couldn’t have been any better. The addition of CleanX was clearly working as intended, as Toronto were able to win their first Home Series of the season. Optic Gaming Los Angeles were the first team to fall. In a close 3-2 victory, Cammy helped Ultra get over the hurdle with a 1.26 overall KD, including a 17 kill haul in map two.

He was playing like the best SND player in the world, and he continued to inflict pain in the next series against Huntsmen. 15 kills in game two followed by 11 kills in game five. To put it simply, there was no answer for the plays that Cammy was making around the map. It wasn’t just Search and Destroy either. In the following match against Dallas Empire, Cammy dropped a 1.42 Hardpoint KD to carry Toronto to their first ever Grand Final of the season. Beating two previous Home Series winners in one tournament was difficult enough, but three was asking a lot out of a previously uncrowned team. FaZe stood in their way of glory, and Toronto were able to push the series to a game five – their third of the tournament. Cammy took his foot off the gas to an extent, going the entirety of Arklov Peak SND without a kill. Fortunately for him, his teammates stepped up big time. Going all the way to a game five round 11, Methodz clutched a one-versus-two against X and Y to grant Ultra the Home Series victory.

COD Champs summary

Ultra chose the best time of the season to catch fire, as the multi-million dollar COD Champs was looming. Despite being relatively unknown until his stint with Units last season, Cammy would actually be attending his third straight COD Champs in his young career. This year, taking down fellow Europeans London Royal Ravens was first on the to-do list. They too were rejoicing from a roster change with the acquisition of Trei “Zer0” Morris, but it was the international stars who came out on top in a 3-1 fashion. Not only did Cammy lead the lobby in kills for the SND, but also in overall kills across the entire match. Up next in the gauntlet was a fourth seeded Florida Mutineers team. Their three Home Series victories couldn’t save them in this series, as Ultra extended their win streak to seven. Cammy continued to thrive for his team, and was growing into a consistent performer that Ultra could rely on.

Up next was Dallas Empire who Toronto Ultra had defeated on their way to winning the previous Home Series. Dallas struck first but Toronto retaliated with two consecutive maps, putting them in the driver’s seat. However, Empire found a second wind and were able to take the next two maps and the series. The win streak was over and Ultra were forced to go back to the drawing board. Cammy but his teammates were not performing at the level required to win championships. This was a common theme in the following series, as only one player managed above a 1 KD in the rematch against Royal Ravens, kicking Toronto Ultra out of the tournament in 5th/6th place.

Statistical breakdown

Why 13?

Despite having a slow start to the season, Cammy made significant progress to help his team win a Home Series – a feat that only five other teams could accomplish. His Search and Destroy game could only be matched by few players, and as a whole he emerged as one of the top slayers to end the season. Had Cammy and Ultra been more consistent throughout the 2020 season, breaking the top ten would’ve been inevitable. At just 21 years of age, it will be interesting to see how much improvement the young star can make in the 2021 CDL season.

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