Top 20 players of Modern Warfare: #1 Simp

Chris “Simp” Lehr takes the top spot in our Top 20 Players of Modern Warfare, powered by Battle Beaver, after an outstanding season from start to end. The young SMG Star takes the top spot for the second year in a row, after beating out Sam “Octane” Larew in 2019. With remarkable consistency, he only event negative in a game mode four times and never finished an event below a 1.03 overall KD. This is the MVP consistency across all three modes that no other player in the League had.

Last year was the first iteration of the top 20 where analysts, content creators, and personalities voted on the top 20 players in the recent season. This year we have 16 voters in our polls, with the likes of Brandon “NovusVita” Hewitt (Paris Legion Analyst for the ’19-’20 season), Ryan “Flux” Oldfield (Toronto Ultra analyst), IUOTurtle (Community Statistics), Cam Allen (European Analyst), and more joining us to vote on who their top 20 players were for the Modern Warfare season.

Top Prospect

Simp got involved in competitive Call of Duty well before the age of 18, playing in both Search & Destroy and Variant online tournaments throughout Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare, and World War 2. He was signed to the eUnited Cadets during the WWII season while he was still 16 alongside Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal, McArthur “McArthur Jovel” Jovel, and Joseph “TurnUp2eZ” Sicre.

Once Black Ops 4 released and Simp turned 18, he was loaned out to the FaZe Clan Black team playing alongside Cellium and several other top amateurs. They won their first amateur event playing together at CWL Fort Worth. That was enough for eUnited to call him up to the main roster taking the spot of Jordan “JKap” Kaplan next to Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson, Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson, Tyler “aBeZy” Pharris, and James “Clayster” Eubanks. In their first event together (CWL London), the squad placed 2nd followed by a 5-6 placement at CWL Anaheim. From here, the team finished 1st place at every remaining event; CWL Pro League, CWL Pro League Playoffs, and CoD Champs. It is without a doubt that Simp had a tremendous impact on this squad and his stock would be at an all-time high going into franchising and Modern Warfare.

Sophomore Sensation

After winning the 2019 COD World Championship, the tiny terrors decided to stick together for the inaugural season of the CDL. They were signed by Atlanta FaZe, and joining them was Cellium, MajorManiak and Priestahh. The amount of talent this roster had was incredible, but there were also question marks raised regarding the inexperience of the team. Only time would tell how this player composition would hold up in the long run.

At the Launch Weekend of the CDL, FaZe won both their matchups, taking down New York Subliners and Dallas Empire without dropping a single round in SND. FaZe looked amazing, and it was inevitable that they would win multiple Championships in Modern Warfare. The team were scheduled to host the next tournament in front of their home crowd, and this support helped FaZe massively, as the team went on to win the event with just four maps dropped.

Atlanta were favorites to win the next Home Series in Los Angeles with the exclusion of Chicago Huntsmen. However, Minnesota RØKKR instead defeated them in the semi finals 3-2. FaZe also failed to get over the final hurdle in the next tournament, which was held online amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Going into their second finals of the season, Atlanta locked horns with Dallas Empire who were attending their third. Clayster and his men were firing on all cylinders at the Chicago Home Series, and took home their second trophy of the season, at the expense of FaZe.

Each failed tournament victory increased the hunger and desire of Atlanta Faze to get their second chip in Modern Warfare. At the Florida Home Series, Faze clashed with two rejuvenated teams in New York Subliners, with the addition of Mack, and OpTic Gaming Los Angeles. After a narrow 3-2 victory against New York, FaZe overcame OpTic in the final to win their second Home Series of the season.

Minnesota and Paris were the next stops for the two-time champs, who attended three finals in the season so far. A further two more finals were added to the total, but Atlanta, unfortunately, couldn’t get it done both times – with Florida Mutineers handing them the L to take both trophies home. The addition of Owakening gave Florida a new lease of life, and FaZe were humbled in the second Grand Final on Domination, losing 235-70 on Hackney Yard – one of the biggest defeats of the season.

The bad form continued over to the New York Home Series. FaZe were swept in the semi finals by Chicago Huntsmen, preventing them from attending their third straight finals. In the final Home Series hosted by Toronto, FaZe came up short again in the finals. Six Grand Finals but only two victories to show – were early claims that this team lacked experience coming true?

Nonetheless, FaZe had the number one seed in the league heading into Champs, and Simp was poised to win back-to-back World Championships. After getting embarrassed in the previous meeting, FaZe were set to play Huntsmen in their first match of the tournament. Despite losing map two in round 11, FaZe maintained their composure to take the series 3-2. In the winners’ final, Cellium and his teammates came up against Dallas Empire – the team they whitewashed in the previous Home Series. In this match, however, Dallas put up a better fight. The series went all the way to game five, and Clayster’s men ended up taking the win. A rematch against Huntsmen in the losers semi went the way of FaZe, and a rematch between Atlanta and Empire in the Grand Finals was on the cards. The stakes couldn’t get any higher. It was a $600,000 match of Call of Duty where the winner would be the first ever champion in the Call of Duty League.

Empire drew first blood on Azhir Cave Hardpoint. And second blood. And third. Hanging by a thread, FaZe managed to bounce back and take map four, but the toughest of tasks was ahead of them. They couldn’t afford to lose any more matches but did exactly that in the following match on Rammaza SND. Dallas Empire were champions, and FaZe were the runners up.

Statistical Breakdown

The Star SMG put on a show this season, finishing every single event with a positive kill death ratio. Over the course of the season, he only went negative in Hardpoint at two events and negative twice in Domination as well. He finished Search and Destroy positive at every single event, showing remarkable consistency. It wasn’t just KD that he had for flashy numbers, as he high very high slaying marks across the year and performed well in objective categories across the three modes. Here is a breakdown of aBeZy’s key statistics throughout the season:

The statistics are formatted for their individual tournaments. If the cell is red, then it was on the low percentile for that said tournament. For the remaining colors, green is high percentile and yellow is average.

Excluding Launch Weekend, his best event arguably was CDL Atlanta. Simp would finish with an overall KD of 1.24 (4th at the event) with a 101.34 slaying rating in the tournament victory. He finished with a 1.14 KD in Hardpoint (10th at the event), 1.23 KD in SnD (6th at the event), and 1.46 KD in Domination (1st at the event). While that might have been his best over the season, he had countless standout events over the course of the season. Check out his detailed game mode breakdowns below:

Chris was a monster in Hardpoint. He set the kill record multiple times, finishing with the record of 50 kills versus the Seattle Surge. Although his form did dip towards the end of the season, the MP5 slayer ended the season with a 1.12 over the entire year, good for 2nd for SMGs behind Mack by just .001. Excluding Launch Weekend (1.74 KD there), Simp’s best event for the mode was CDL Florida. He’d finish the event with a 1.22 KD and 26.13 Kp10M, helping FaZe finish with a 6-2 record. In a rare feat, Chris’ cumulative HP KD never dipped below the 1.00 bar of the course of the season. His great consistency was shown, going positive in 8 of the 10 events.

The bar for Simp is set so high that sometimes his off games are looked at more harshly by the fans. His worst event of the season was CDL LA when he finished with a 0.97 KD, arguably still an okay KD for an SMG but because it’s Simp it was looked at badly. He finished every event with 21+ kills per 10 minutes and hill time per game over 70 three times. His advanced statistics were also very good, finishing three events with a true engagement success of 60%+ three times, including a 62.9% at CDL Florida. He was a star player in the mode, with consistent play from start to finish, and a major reason for FaZe’s success in the mode.

Search & Destroy was Simp’s strongest mode, finishing the season with a 1.31 KD for the year, best in the League. He was a very strong threat no matter the weapon, whether it was with an AR, SMG, or the sniper rifle. He finished the year with 123 snipes, good for 2nd in the League. He had 8 events with his kills per round above 0.80 and finished every event with a positive KD. Besides Launch Weekend (6.50 KD that weekend), his best event was CDL Toronto. He finished the event with a 2.00 KD in the mode, while having 1.00 kills per round and 8.40 kills per game. Simp was the best player in the league in the game mode in 2020.

It is hard to find any bad statistics for Simp in SnD. His opening duel numbers were great, finishing with 57 wins and just 26 losses for a 68.7% win percentage. He 24 plants over the season, around 0.46 plants per game. 75% of his maps played ended with him going positive, and he’d hit double-digit kills 12 times. He kept his cumulative KD above a 1.00 for the entire season and finished with a league-high 1.31. He kept his insane form from Black Ops 4 in the mode, and you can expect him to keep it going into Black Ops Cold War.

Domination was another great mode for Chris. He finished 8 events with a positive KD, including have a 1.30+ KD four times. He also finished with his kills per game above 21 seven times and averaged 22.19 kills per game over the season. His objective play was good as well, having 209 captures over the season and 5.65 per game. He had the 2nd best SMG Domination KD in the League, finishing .002 behind his teammate aBeZy, and 5th best overall. His captures per game were also above average, finishing with 5.65 per game, good for 20th in the League. While FaZe struggled at times in the mode, Simp was always a bright spot for the team.

Simp showed great consistency in this mode as well, finishing 27 of his 37 nominations played with a positive KD. He had great advanced statistics as well, finishing four events with a true engagement success of 60%+. He finished with 22.0%+ of his team’s kills for an event four times as well, showing strong slaying stats for his team. With Domination likely gone from the competitive rotation, it will be interesting to see how he does in the 3rd mode next season. He was a star in Control last season, so it leaves little doubt that we won’t see the MVP form continue in 2021.

Here are Simp’s season series statistics. It breaks down how he did in each length of series, whether the series went 3, 4, or 5 maps. He hit his high for kills during the Grand Final of CDL Florida versus the Florida Mutineers. He finished the series with 108 kills and 79 deaths (1.37 overall KD), with 72 kills across the two Hardpoints (1.47 KD in the mode). This would not be the only time the SMG star would get triple digits kills, having hit the mark 3 times total (105, 108, 105). Chris would also hit 90+ kills eleven times over the course of the season as well. As for his highest KD marks, he finished with a high of 1.69 series KD in his first series of the season versus the Dallas Empire. In the stomping, Simp finished with 86 kills across the three maps with only 51 deaths (+35 total, 1.69 KD overall KD). Check out more series data below:

Why #1 for Simp?

There’s no debate that Atlanta had one of the most dominant seasons with two 1st place finishes, four 2nd place finishes, two 3-4 placements, and placing 2nd at CoD Champs. FaZe also never missed a semi-final. The team had the highest overall map win-rate (62.5%) with the best Search & Destroy (63.5%) and Domination win-rate (67.6%), and 2nd best Hardpoint win-rate (58.7%). This success was in large part due to the team’s ability to slay but also play together as a team. As a team, Atlanta had the highest team KD ratio across all game modes indicating their consistent ability to outslay their opponents. This strength was so dominant that at times they would simply rely on breaking hills through their teamwork and slaying evidenced by having the highest Hardpoint Break Success Rate across multiple maps.

For a pure SMG player, Simp leads all SMG players in adjusted KD ratio at 1.14 across all game modes. He has the 2nd highest slayer stats behind aBeZy with a Hardpoint kills per minute of 2.7 and Domination kills per minute of 2.19. Let’s not forget his record-setting 50 kills on Azhir Cave Hardpoint at CDL Chicago. In Search & Destroy, Simp leads the entire league in KD ratio at 1.31. You’ll find him switching between the Sniper and SMG, with a 20% chance of being involved in the opening duel and a 66% chance of winning the engagement. He maintains this while also putting up high kills per round at 0.81 (8th in the league) with the least deaths per round out of any player making him not only a dangerous killer but also one that prioritizes the round win, knowing how and when to play his life.

A Look towards Black Ops Cold War

Chris had his contract extended into 2021 by the Atlanta FaZe during this offseason. Greatly expected, Simp will be returning with Cellium and aBeZy. The trio will be joined by high slaying, IGL Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson. The team on paper is the favorite for 2021, as the team has the most star power and slay depth in the CDL. Each of the roles for the players also makes perfect sense for the FaZe side. Arcitys will be going back to his natural role in being the Main AR. He will also do wonders as the IGL of the team, helping the 3 younger players maintain fundamentals and composure. Having a steady backline of Arcitys and Cellium will help Simp maintain his form next year. He’ll have great fundamentals and good tactical play out of the team, which helps him win more of his 50/50 gunfights. Look forward to the Atlanta team competing for Championships in 2021.

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