Top 20 Players of Cold War: #8 CleanX

The #8 player of the Cold War season, brought to you by Elgato, is the EU star entry man Tobias “CleanX” Juul Jønsson. Tobi helped Toronto become the second-best team in the CDL and take home the Stage 2 Major.

Breaking into the scene at the end of the Black Ops 4 season, CleanX’s ascension to the top has been rather quick. He made waves during the 2019 CoD Champs with Team Singularity, as they’d take down Envy behind CleanX’s insane performance. Tobi would then sign with the Toronto Ultra going into the Modern Warfare season, unknown if he was going to start. After using multiple different rosters, they would plug CleanX in and improve greatly. They capped off the Modern Warfare season by winning the Toronto Homestand. Looking ahead to Cold War, the squad was looking like a dark horse team to improve greatly with the starting four of CleanX, Cameron “Cammy” McKilligan, Ben “Bance” Bance, Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, and substitute Jamie “Insight” Craven.

Season Review

CleanX quickly became one of the best entry SMGs of the CDL during Cold War. His fast gameplay was a key part of the success that the team found in 2021. CleanX’s best mode of the season was Hardpoint. His 23.86 kills per 10 minutes in the mode ranked #1 for SMG players and his 4381 damage per 10 minutes ranked #2. The quick playstyle was perfectly suited for the team, as they had the best teamwork in the entire League. He consistently put up great slaying and damage numbers in each of the three modes with the AK74u. Tobi’s gameplay was definitely worthy of an MVP nomination in the CDL. Here is his 2021 season review!

Stage 1

Toronto’s expectations going into Stage 1 were to be a very tough matchup. With the talent on their team, they would not be an easy victory. They didn’t have the best start to the season, dropping 4 series in the group stage. All in all, it was a slower start. They would drop series to multiple teams that fans thought were below them and would have to start in the Lower Bracket. In the end, Ultra improved at the Major. Picking up wins against London and Minnesota helped them net a 7th/8th finish. Overall, after a slow start, it wasn’t the worst placing.

CleanX had a very slow start to the season, having underwhelming numbers in SnD and Control. He played well in Hardpoint, finishing with a 1.01 KD and 24.20 kills per 10 minutes. The team played fantastic in the mode but would need to play better in the other two. However, he did have very good damage numbers for an SMG and showed potential to improve of the course of the stage.

Stage 2

Going into Stage 2, Toronto made the decision to bench Methodz and to start Insight in the Main AR position. This reinvigorated the team, as they finally had the all-European chemistry. After beating London and LAG in the group stage, the squad locked in an Upper Bracket start. In the opening round, the Ultra shocked Chicago and upset them 3-1. Although they would fall to Atlanta 3-1, they would instantly start a cinderella run. After wins over LAT, Minnesota, and Dallas, they would rematch against Atlanta. In shocking fashion, the hot Toronto would knock off tournament favorite Atlanta. It’d be the first championship victory for Toronto in Cold War!

CleanX improved greatly in Stage 2. He became one of the star players in the team and played fantastically in all three modes. Tobi’s SnD form was most improved. In the end, his KD went from 0.81 in Stage 1 with only 0.62 kills per round to a 1.13 KD in Stage 2 with 0.74 kills per round. He was becoming more impactful in the mid-rounds and helping Toronto win rounds. All in all, one of his best stages of the season.

Stage 3

With their Major victory in Stage 2, the pressure was on to continue that form into Stage 3. They were now favored to repeat that performance and contest Atlanta. They’d respond, finishing the group stage with an amazing 15-1 map count. It was the best stage of the 2021 season.It was domination, but their Major would start with Atlanta getting revenge. With the 3-2 loss to FaZe, they would need another Lower Bracket run. With wins over LAT & Chicago, they’d rematch against FaZe. It wouldn’t go Toronto’s way yet again, as Atlanta would knock them out in 3rd after winning 3-2.

CleanX individually continued his hot form, playing even better in Stage 3. While his KDs may have taken a step back, his slaying and damage numbers improved. He was the linchpin to Toronto’s success in the respawn modes. Tobi would sacrifice himself to break into hills or control points. This allowed Cammy and Insight to trade many of his deaths and continue his momentum. It was amazing to watch him work the map.

Stage 4

With two great stages under the belt of the Ultra, they’d look to prove they could do it on LAN. With the Stage 4 Major returning to LAN, it’d be another challenge to the European side. Ultimately, they’d have a fantastic group stage. They’d finish 4-1 with a 14-3 map count in Stage 4, and go into the LAN red hot. Matching up against Dallas first, Toronto clutched up to win the map 5 SnD. This matched them up against rivals Atlanta in the Winners’ Finals. In the end, they’d fall to Atlanta and couldn’t bounce back against Dallas in the Lower Bracket. After the 3-2 loss to Dallas, the Ultra would finish in 3rd place.

CleanX quietly had another great stage. All in all, he’d finish with negative KDs in all of the modes but finished with elite slaying and damage numbers in the respawn modes. Out of all of the SMG players, CleanX led the way with 23.94 kills per 10 minutes in Hardpoint and 13.4 objective kills per 10 minutes in Control. He was the definition of a great entry man and helped Toronto continue being a top team.

Stage 5

Toronto went into Stage 5 looking to reach another Grand Finals. After winning Stage 2, they would finish in 3rd place in back-to-back stages. They would need a good placement as well to gain CDL points for the Playoffs. Toronto played well in the group stage again, beating Florida & Minnesota to finish with a 4-1 record. This would lock them into an Upper Bracket start for the final Major. After victories against LAT & Chicago, they’d meet Minnesota in the Winners’ Finals. But then Ultra was shocked, as the Rokkr had a stunning 3-0 victory over the Ultra. In the end, Ultra rebounded to make the Finals rematch against Minnesota. After going up 4-0 in the series, Toronto had a breakdown and lost 5 straight maps. The 2nd place finish was heartbreaking.

CleanX was a major factor in Toronto finding their way back into the Finals in Stage 5. He played terrific in both Hardpoint and SnD. CleanX led all SMGs with 4456 damage per 10 minutes and ranked 3rd with 23.89 kills per 10 minutes in Hardpoint. His playstyle fits perfectly with the rest of Toronto, and that is what elevated their teamwork higher than anyone in the League. Even with the heartbreaking defeat, Tobi and Co were in an excellent position to do well at the CDL Playoffs.

CDL Playoffs

Coming into the Playoffs, Toronto locked into the #2 overall seed and had the first-round bye. Over the course of the season, Toronto was a consistent threat due to slaying and teamwork. In other words, they would be a big threat to win the Championship. They were regarded as one of the best SnD & Control teams in the entire League and could beat anyone in Hardpoint. This would have to be the tournament where they put it all together. If they could beat Atlanta again, like in Stage 2, they would be primed to win the World Championship.

Toronto Ultra vs Dallas Empire

After winning their matchup against Minnesota, Dallas moved up the bracket to set up a match against Toronto. Dallas was considered a darkhorse team by many after picking up Reece “Vivid” Drost and improving greatly in Stage 5. While Toronto had the edge in Control & SnD, Dallas had the edge in Hardpoint. The series went back and forth throughout, with Toronto winning the SnD & Control but losing the Hardpoints. It would all come down to a critical Raid SnD. The map was closely contested, as it went all the way to a round 11. Sadly, Dallas would clutch up and take down the Ultra. It was a heartbreaking loss for Toronto that would send them into the Lower Bracket.

Toronto Ultra vs OpTic Chicago

Toronto would have to rebound against the mightly OpTic Chicago. OpTic was coming in with a win over Florida and was building momentum. In order to halt OpTic’s momentum they had going into the race, the Ultra would have to start the series strong. They would do just that, winning the first two maps in convincing fashion to make it 2-0 in the series. Toronto would drop the Control, but finish the series after taking the Hardpoint. Even being outslayed heavily, Toronto fought through that and won 3-1 to advance. It was a major victory for the squad to help rebuild their confidence and to start their Lower Bracket run off with a bang.

Toronto Ultra vs Minnesota Rokkr

In the next round, Toronto would face the Minnesota Rokkr. Toronto wanted to get revenge for the heartbreaking Stage 5 Major defeat. This was the same Minnesota that won five straight maps to win the Stage 5 Major. This series would be another back and forth affair, with Minnesota taking the Map 4 Hardpoint to push the series to Map 5. After 10 hard-fought rounds, Toronto came out victorious on Moscow SnD. This would send the Ultra to the Lower Bracket finals.

Toronto Ultra vs Dallas Empire

It would be another revenge match for the Toronto Ultra. After falling to Dallas to start the tournament, Ultra would look to take this match and book their ticket to the Grand Finals. It would be another long series for the Ultra, going all five maps again. Toronto would again drop both Hardpoints to Dallas, but won the SnD and Control. Going into Express SnD Map 5, it was thought to be too close to call. But, Toronto came out very hot and would win the map 6-3 to advance to the Grand Finals.

Toronto Ultra vs Atlanta FaZe

This Grand Finals would feature the top best teams in the CDL. After winning the Stage 2 Major over the Atlanta FaZe, they would fail to beat them again. Atlanta was a tough matchup for Toronto, as FaZe matched their strength in both Control and SnD, while also being a top Hardpoint team. It’d be a tall order to take them down in the best of 9 series. After winning the first map, the Ultra would lose the next three maps to fall in a 3-1 series deficit. Toronto bounced back in map 4, winning the Miami SnD 6-2 to bring the series to 3-2. Atlanta fell to an early 0-2 hole on the Garrison Control but would bring it back to win 3-2. This put themselves on a series point. Needing to win three straight maps, Toronto took the map 7 SnD to start their run. Ultimately, the run was cut short as Atlanta would take the Apocalypse Hardpoint to win the series 5-3. This was one of the best series of the 2021 CDL season and crown Atlanta the Cold War World Champions.


CleanX was worthy of an MVP nomination for his Cold War performance. He’d help the team vastly overstep early expectations and win the Stage 2 Major. The squad had two 3rd place finishes, two 2nd place finishes, and a Major victory overall. For a team that many didn’t would be elite in 2021, this was a sensational season out of the lads. CleanX was an elite player in both Hardpoint and SnD over the course of the Cold War season. He’d consistently have very good numbers in slaying and damage for all three modes. His best stage was arguably Stage 4 where he led the SMGs in both kills per 10 minutes in Hardpoint 23.94) and objective kills per 10 minutes Control (13.4). He was one of the most improved players in Cold War and was one of the best entry SMGs in the League.

How good was CleanX in 2021?


CleanX was a beast in Hardpoint, having great slaying and damage numbers across the season. While his KDs don’t leap off the page, his kills and damage per 10 minutes are the statistics that are most impressive. Being the entry man, CleanX knew that sliding first at the cost of a good KD is what would win the team maps. This is what made him a great teammate and a terrific SMG player.

Overall, the Toronto Ultra had a good run in Hardpoint. They’d finish with a 47-43 record over the course of the season and have a deep map pool. Their best two maps were Checkmate (15-9) and Garrison (13-10) but could beat any team on Raid (11-15). With the slaying out of their stars and the best teamwork in the League, Toronto was one of the most underrated teams in Hardpoint.

Search & Destory

His strongest mode of Cold War, CleanX found his perfect role in SnD during Cold War. Tobi was highly aggressive and opened up the map in many rounds for the Ultra. He did a great job of trading out kills and playing off of Bance. His best map was Express, where he finished with a 1.32 KD and 0.84 kills per round. There were multiple maps against the top teams that were filled with highlights on Express. Tobi was one of the best SnD players in the entire League during Cold War.

In the end, many would still rate Toronto as the best SnD team in the CDL. They’d finish with a 46-29 map count over the season and had winning records on five of the seven maps. They were at their best on Express (10-3), Moscow (13-7), and Raid (11-5). They had an elite level of teamwork that made them one of the hardest teams to beat.


Control was another mode that CleanX was underrated in during Cold War. While his KDs again weren’t very high, for an entry SMG they were very good. He finished with great KDs on the attacking sides on Checkmate and Garrison. Tobi was also a top player at slaying and damage dealing, constantly making opponents easier to take down by his teammates. Overall, a great individual mode for CleanX.

The Toronto Ultra were also a top-two team in the Control mode. While they were sometimes outslayed by a bit, their teamwork would sometimes win them maps alone. Once their ARs really started taking over maps and their SMGs did the dirty work, Toronto was almost unstoppable. They’d finish with a 34-20 record on the season, including 13-7 on Garrison and 18-11 on Raid.

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A look ahead to Vanguard

Looking ahead to Call of Duty Vanguard, the Toronto Ultra will be sticking together as a unit. One of only three teams not to make a roster change, this gives the Ultra an early advantage in the new game. CleanX will continue to run the entry SMG for the team and they will look to find more success in 2022. The only change to the organization is the addition of Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks. Hicksy will join the team as their substitute for Vanguard, taking the place of Methodz. The Ultra will continue to be a top team in Vanguard.

Stats Key

TES – True Engagement Success: (Kills+Assists)/(Kills+Assists+Deaths)
Slayer Rating –
Average Engagements: (Total Kills+Total Deaths+Total Assists)/Total Game Time(or Rounds for SnD)
Kp10M – Kills per 10 Minutes: (Total Kills/Total Game Time)*10
Dp10M – Deaths per 10 Minutes: (Total Deaths/Total Game Time)*10
DMGp10M – Damage per 10 Minutes: (Total Damage/Total Game Time)*10
HTp10M – Hill Time per 10 Minutes: (Total Hill Time/Total Game Time)*10
Sp10M – Score per 10 Minutes: (Total Score/Total Game Time)*10
ADR – Average Damage per Round: (Total Damage/Total Rounds Played)
OpDuel Won or Lost – First Blood or First Blooded
OpDuel W% – Opening Duel Win Percentage: (Total OpDuels Won)/(Total OpDuels Won+Total OpDuels Lost)
KpR, DpR – Kills per Round & Deaths per Round
K% – The % of rounds the player had at least 1 kill
MK% – The % of rounds the player had at least 2 kills
0K% – The % of rounds the player had 0 kills
Stats versus the top 3 teams in the league are the summed stats vs Atlanta, Dallas, & Toronto. If the player is on one of those teams, the stat is summed from the remaining two teams on the list.

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