Top 20 Players of Cold War: #3 Cellium

The #3 player of the Cold War season, brought to you by Elgato, is the man himself McArthur “Cellium” Jovel. The flex for the World Champions Atlanta FaZe breaks into the top 3 after an excellent 2021 campaign.

Cellium broke into the scene during the Black Ops 4 season with, you guessed it, FaZe Clan. At the time he was an 18-year-old rookie with no competitive experience in his history. He was known as an SnD star and had been banned from pro 8s in Infinite Warfare because some pros thought he was too good not to be cheating.

While the team had their struggles at the beginning, Cellium grew a lot and really improved to end the year. Cellium quickly joined the Atlanta FaZe going into franchising, partnered with the top talent in the Call of Duty. They found success and made it to countless finals, but a poor finals record soured the season. Going into Cold War, the team had to make the difficult decision to release Major Maniak and Priestahh to make room for Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson to enter the roster.

Season Review

Cellium improved drastically in Cold War, something many didn’t even think was possible. He had a terrific Modern Warfare season, finishing 5th in our Top 20 Players of Modern Warfare. So the improvement from superstar to MVP Candidate was a great step for the young flex. Cellium had always been a top-tier Search & Destroy player, but has really found form in the respawn modes. His slaying statistics were great in both Hardpoint and Control, linked with really strong objective work. MC was the backbone to what made the Atlanta FaZe so great and will surely continue this form into the future. Here is his season review!

Stage 1

Going into the Cold War season, Atlanta was thought to be one of the top teams in the CDL. After falling to Dallas Empire to end the Modern Warfare season, Dallas and Chicago were thought to be on par with the FaZe side. They were both threats that could take early victories to begin the 2021 season. Starting the group stage, FaZe came out strong to make a statement. They’d finish with a 5-0 series record and have a 15-6 map count. They had strong victories over Chicago and Toronto to gain momentum going into the Major. They came out very hot at the Major, taking out LAG and Dallas 3-0 to make the finals. The team would cap off the title run with a 5-2 victory over the Empire to finish the major with an 11-2 map count. This would be the first of many victories for the FaZe side.

Cellium came out very strongly in Stage 1, finishing with positive KDs in all three modes. He played great in the flex role, filling gaps when needed and dropping great slaying numbers when he was called upon. His best mode was SnD, where he finished with a 1.25 KD and had 155 ADR. He wasn’t needed to be very active in the early rounds but was always the anchor and clutcher when it was needed. It was a wonderful start to the season for MC and he’d look to continue improving going into Stage 2.

Stage 2

After winning the Stage 1 Major, the expectations were to keep this level of form in Stage 2. The squad would set the series win record during the group stage, winning 11 straight series. That record would be stopped by a 3-2 loss to the LA Guerrillas, but they would still finish 4-1 to lock in an Upper Bracket start at Major 2. The FaZe side started the Major off strong, winning series against Toronto Ultra and Dallas Empire 3-1 to book their ticket to the Finals yet again. They would rematch against the Toronto Ultra in the Finals, but at a disadvantage with Toronto on a two-series win streak on the same day. Atlanta was unable to overcome the hot Ultra side, falling 5-3. The 2nd place finish stung but would help the team improve in the next stage.

Cellium continued his great form during Stage 2, finishing with great stats in the respawn modes. While his SnD KD took a step back, his respawns improved. His best mode was Control, having a 1.22 KD in the mode with 13.3 objective kills per 10 minutes and 17.43 deaths per 10 minutes. Cellium was effective at getting the important kills around the point but staying alive and continuing to be a nuisance to the enemy team. With the form that he was in, the team was surely going to continue finding their way into Finals.

Stage 3

Stage 3 would be a bounce-back stage for the Atlanta FaZe, as they looked to fight back after their loss in Stage 2. While they ended up falling against the New York Subliners in the group stage, the team finished with a 4-1 record and would lock in an Upper Bracket start. He claimed the 2nd seed in their group so they wouldn’t net the bye at the Major. It’d be the first tournament that they didn’t start with the bye, but that be only the start of the rollercoaster tournament. The team started the tournament by taking down Dallas and Toronto before falling to New York in the Upper Bracket Finals. It was a close match, but New York had the upper hand in the Hardpoints. After a very close affair with Toronto in the Losers’ Finals, the team would move on to face off against New York again. MC & Co would have their revenge against Clayster & the Subliners, winning 5-3 to take their 2nd championship of the season.

Cellium had a terrific stage during their championship run. He finished with positive KDs in each of the three modes and improved his SnD. In the Search & Destroy mode, MC improved his KD to 1.10 with 0.68 kills per round and 170 ADR. He was a rock for the FaZe side, always being the man to get a key kill in a retake or defending a bomb plant. In Hardpoint, he had 21.94 kills per 10 minutes and 69.71 seconds of hill time per 10 minutes. Cellium was putting in a very consistent and great season.

Stage 4

The reigning Champions did not miss a beat to start Stage 4, finishing with a 5-0 record in the Group Stage and a 15-2 map count. The 9-1 map count vs Minnesota, Chicago, and LAT showed that the squad was on track to go back-to-back. They would look to win back-to-back Majors with the first LAN coming back to CoD. FaZe would start off hot, taking down both the Rokkr 3-0 and the Ultra 3-1 en route to the Finals. The Finals would be a rematch of the Major 1 Finals, with the Atlanta FaZe facing the Dallas Empire. The best of 9 affair went all the way to map 9, where Atlanta finally chopped down Dallas. It was a very tense series, with Dallas pushing Atlanta to the limits but they responded wonderfully. It would be Atlanta’s 3rd championship and they finished 8-0 in the stage.

Cellium had a superstar performance during the Stage 4 championship run. He again finished with positive KDs in all three modes and improved greatly in Hardpoint. The flex star for Atlanta had a 1.25 KD in the mode, with 22.83 kills and 87.57 hill time per 10 minutes. He was always the answer for FaZe when they entered a difficult situation. If he could continue this form, FaZe would surely win the World Championship.

Stage 5

The final Stage of the season for Atlanta would be a rocky one. The team would continue their group stage dominance, finishing with a 4-1 record. Their only loss would be to OpTic Chicago 3-2. With the 1st overall seed locked up for the CDL Playoffs, many thought the pressure would be off of Atlanta as they tried to win back-to-back-to-back majors. It would be how hard would Atlanta push in the Major 5. Well, they got off to a rocky start, losing to Minnesota to be knocked into the Lower Bracket. They would continue the struggle, losing a map 5 series to the Seattle Surge to be knocked out in 7th/8th position. This was the low point of the season for FaZe, as they looked disappointing in Hardpoint especially. They would have to regain going into the CDL Playoffs.

MC would have another great individual stage during Stage 5. While he did have his struggles in Hardpoint, he was elite in both SnD and Control. His 1.52 KD in Control was absurd, and he added 13.6 objective kills and only 14.70 deaths per 10 minutes. In SnD, he’d finish with a 1.24 KD and 0.76 kills per round. These were MVP caliber numbers out of the young flex and would earn him an MVP nomination.

CDL Playoffs

The CDL Playoffs were the chance for Atlanta FaZe to both bounce back from the Stage 5 shocking defeat and to get revenge for the Grand Finals defeat last season. It would test the team’s mental resolve that they have built over the 2021 season. The Playoffs would turn out to be even harder for the squad as Cellium, aBeZy, and Arcitys all had tested positive for Covid after Stage 5, making practice leading up to the tournament turbulent. It’d be a tough task for the favorites to come in strong.

Atlanta FaZe vs New York Subliners

While Atlanta would have to wait to see who comes out victorious in the New York vs Chicago series, they had a chance to prepare and practice. The Subliners would come out strong, stunning OpTic early at Playoffs. New York had a winning record against Atlanta at the time and had veteran James “Clayster” Eubanks returning into the lineup. The matchup was talked about as a trap game for Atlanta, as they had stumbled in Stage 5 while New York was coming in with a honeymoon period & a rejuvenated Clayster. The match wasn’t as thrilling as thought of, with Atlanta stomping New York 3-0. With this victory, Atlanta would move on to face Dallas Empire.

Atlanta FaZe vs Dallas Empire

After beating New York soundly 3-0, they would have a lot of momentum coming in against the Empire. Dallas was a squad that had gained a lot of momentum in Stages 4 & 5 as they built their teamwork back up with Reece “Vivid” Drost. Many fans and community members pegged Dallas to be the dark horse team to bring home the championship. Atlanta would have to come into the series and not let Dallas build any momentum. They’d do just that, beating Dallas handly in map 1. FaZe would quickly close out the series 3-0 to book their ticket to the Grand Finals. At this point, it was apparent that Atlanta had fixed their issues in Hardpoint and looked amazing in the other two modes.

Atlanta FaZe vs Toronto Ultra

The final hurdle would be their biggest rivals of the season, Toronto Ultra. While their record against Toronto was an amazing 6-1 going into the weekend, the Ultra beat them to win the Stage 2 Major and had taken the series to map 5 multiple times. It was clear that the 2nd best team in the League was the Toronto Ultra side. Therefore, the Finals was expected to be a back and forth affair that would surely reach the later portion of the best of 9 series. Toronto started off hot in the series, taking down FaZe on Moscow Hardpoint. Atlanta quickly rebounded, taking three straight maps to take a 3-1 series lead. After falling on Miami SnD 6-2, Atlanta made an extremely unlike comeback on Garrison Control to win 3-2. After a close map loss on Raid SnD, Atlanta took control on Apocalypse Hardpoint to win the Grand Finals 5-3. It was a monumental victory for the FaZe Clan brand who had been in Call of Duty since the early days of competitive. This victory gave Arcitys, Simp, and aBeZy their 2nd ring together, after winning the 2019 Call of Duty Championships, while giving Cellium his first. It had been what the squad was fighting for since the beginning of the season and they capped it off in dominant fashion.


This was truly an amazing season from Cellium, as he was a star player in all three modes. Helping Atlanta win multiple Majors and the World Championship, Cellium was regarded as one of the best flex players in the CDL. MC end as Player of the Stage in Stage 3 and was an MVP nominee. At multiple points of the season, he had elite stats in each of the three modes. This was defiantly a breakout season for Cellium.

How good was Cellium in 2021?


Cellium was a monster in Hardpoint during Cold War, finishing with a 1.13 KD in the mode overall. He was incredibly consistent, finishing with a positive KD on every map. His best map was where he used an SMG. On Apocalypse, he had a 1.26 KD with 23.85 kills per 10 minutes. Cellium also got much better in pressure moments. Going from online to LAN, he improved his KD from 1.11 to 1.25 on LAN. He also went from a 1.09 KD in group stages to a 1.18 at the Majors. When playing against the top teams in the League, he’d have a 1.19 KD with 24.24 kills per 10 minutes. Superstar numbers out of the young flex.

Atlanta was fantastic in every mode during the Cold War season but they were truly top class in Hardpoint. They finished with 51-23 overall record, with double-digit wins on three maps. They’d finish with a positive record on every single map, having the deepest map pool possible. That included a 14-5 record on Garrison, 10-5 on Moscow, and 11-4 on Raid. It was an insane season from the Atlanta FaZe.

Search & Destory

Knock as a SnD star in past games, Cellium has always been a terrific SnD player. This season he wasn’t needed to be as active in the early round but was a crucial piece of being that consistent force in the mid to late round. He was at his best on Raid and Checkmate, finishing with high KD and ADR in both. On Raid, the start flex had a 1.38 KD with 160.8 ADR and 0.78 kills per round. Then on Checkmate, MC had a 1.27 KD with 179.2 ADR and won 71.4% of his opening duels. Superstar numbers for sure.

Atlanta FaZe had an up and down season in SnD, with many highs but also some lows. They had an incredible Stage 1 (11-1 map count), followed by a disappointing Stage 2 (4-7 map count). With the addition of 2Pac, they finished the final 3 stages & Playoffs with a 27-16 map count in the mode. Their best maps were removed twice (Checkmate 7-1, Garrison 2-0) or vetoed frequently (Moscow 8-2).


The clearcut best mode for Atlanta was Control. They dominated in it this season, finishing with a 40-9 map count. The jaw-dropping map counts on Garrison (20-4) and Raid (17-3) highlight how great this team was in the mode.

Cell found his role in Control and filled it perfectly. He excelled on Garrison and Raid specifically, finishing with a 1.26 KD and 1.19 KD on the two maps. He played just as well on LAN too, having a 1.20 KD with a 1.40 KD on the attacking side. He was very effective on the attacking side, finding room on the map and capturing points by himself at times. Cellium was clearly one of the best Control players in the history of the mode.

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A look ahead to Vanguard

Cellium will be returning to the Atlanta FaZe alongside Simp, Arcitys, and aBeZy in Call of Duty Vanguard. One of only three teams that will not make a roster change, therefore Atlanta already looks like early favorites to repeat as World Champions. They already have one of the most individually skilled rosters in Call of Duty history but have developed a lot of chemistry. The longer the roster sticks the more this will continue to develop. After initial impressions of Vanguard, many think that the competitive meta could easily lean towards three SMGs on the map per team. This would signal the return of Subium, as he likes to call himself on the SMG. It will certainly be fun to watch Cellium continue to reign his terror on the map as the team pushes for another World Championship.

Stats Key

Slayer Rating – Projected kills in a 5 map series: (Kp10M in HP * 2)+(KpR in SnD * 22) + Kp10M in CTL
TES – True Engagement Success: (Kills+Assists)/(Kills+Assists+Deaths)
Kp10M – Kills per 10 Minutes: (Total Kills/Total Game Time)*10
Dp10M – Deaths per 10 Minutes: (Total Deaths/Total Game Time)*10
DMGp10M – Damage per 10 Minutes: (Total Damage/Total Game Time)*10
HTp10M – Hill Time per 10 Minutes: (Total Hill Time/Total Game Time)*10
Sp10M – Score per 10 Minutes: (Total Score/Total Game Time)*10
ADR – Average Damage per Round: (Total Damage/Total Rounds Played)
OpDuel Won or Lost – First Blood or First Blooded
OpDuel W% – Opening Duel Win Percentage: (Total OpDuels Won)/(Total OpDuels Won+Total OpDuels Lost)
KpR, DpR – Kills per Round & Deaths per Round
K% – The % of rounds the player had at least 1 kill
MK% – The % of rounds the player had at least 2 kills
0K% – The % of rounds the player had 0 kills
Stats versus the top 3 teams in the league are the summed stats vs Atlanta, Dallas, & Toronto. If the player is on one of those teams, the stat is summed from the remaining two teams on the list.

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