Top 20 Players of Cold War: #11 Scump

The #11 player of the Cold War season, brought to you by Elgato, is the King Seth “Scump” Abner. Scumper Jumper had one of his best individual seasons in Cold War since Infinite Warfare.

Scump is known as one of the best players in Call of Duty history. He has won countless championships in his storied career, all while being known as the best individual player in multiple titles. Going into franchising, he left the OpTic Gaming brand behind for the first time since briefly leaving for Envy in Ghosts. Scump saw his personal form be rekindled after a couple of years of inconsistent playing level. Seth was one of the most improved players during Modern Warfare, helping the team win multiple homestands. After falling in the CDL Playoffs, Scump would look to reach elite levels and win multiple championships in 2021.

Season Review

The King might not have won any tournaments in Cold War, but he showed that he has plenty left in the tank. The slaying power that he showed this year made him one of the best SMGs in the game yet again. The surprise of the season for Scump was his fantastic SnD gameplay. The reinvigorated slayer looked in prime form, having a 1.18 KD in opening duels and having 0.76 kills per round. Seth continued to get better and better as the season went along. During the CDL Playoffs, Scump finished with the highest overall KD for an SMG and looked elite on LAN. We don’t think we’ll see any retirement rumors for a long time. Here is his 2021 season review!

Stage 1

Entering the season, Chicago had pressure to win tournaments in Cold War. They’d be favored to start off hot in Stage 1. During the group stage, the team finished 4-1 with their only loss being a map 5 defeat to Atlanta. In signature OpTic fashion, they looked like one of the best respawn teams in the game. To start the Major, Chicago destroyed New York 3-0 to move on. Sadly, the team would drop the next series to Dallas 3-2 to drop into the Lower Bracket. After beating LAT, New York would get their revenge to knock OpTic out of the Major. Finishing in 4th place, it was a disappointing start to 2021.

Scump may have started slowly in Hardpoint, but played well in the other two modes. His best mode was Control, finishing with a 1.10 KD during the stage. His deaths per 10 minutes were low for an SMG, as he had multiple high kill streak lives. The damage output was strong from the King, having 3851 damage per 10 minutes in the Control game mode. Going into Stage 2, Scump would have to improve his Hardpoint in order to help the team improve their placing.

Stage 2

OpTic would look to rebound during Stage 2. The squad struggled a bit to get going, dropping the series to both Florida and Minnesota. Stabilizing, the team finished with a 3-2 record and locked in an Upper Bracket start at the Major. But the struggles continued at the online Major. Toronto upset Chicago to send the to the Lower Bracket in the first round. Needing a deep run to make the finals, Chicago started with a 3-1 win over Seattle. Their run wouldn’t continue though, as Minnesota upset the team in a dramatic fashion. After Accuracy’s 1v3 clutch, it would again be a disappointing result for Scump and Chicago.

Scump had his worst individual stage of the season in Stage 2. His Hardpoint game continued to struggle, but he did improve greatly in SnD. The superstar SMG saw his KD in the mode rise to a 1.26. He added 14 opening duels won with an amazing 63.6% opening duel win percentage. Scump was finding a lot of advantages for his team to open up rounds. After Chicago’s worst placement, he’d have to get better in the respawns.

Stage 3

Due to their struggles in Stage 2, they would be placed in a difficult group. Joined by New York, Atlanta, and LA Thieves it’d be hard for Chicago to gain their momentum. Sadly, Chicago would drop all three series against the FaZe, Subliners, and Thieves. With the 2-3 finish, Chicago would have to start in the Lower Bracket. With more matches against lower-ranked teams, maybe this was just what OpTic needed. They’d start the Major with three straight wins, including 3-0s over Dallas and Florida. But again, Toronto would best them to knock them out in 4th place. Toronto was a puzzle Chicago couldn’t solve.

Scumper Jumper continued his red-hot gameplay in SnD during Stage 3. The slaying SMG finished with a 1.20 in the mode with 0.79 kills per round. Scump again was elite in the opening engagements, having found 12 first bloods and won 60% of those fights. While his respawns again weren’t very sharp, he saw progression in both modes. Fans could see that the King was getting back into form.

Stage 4

Chicago had a lot of pressure to finally make a final in Stage 4. With the return of LAN for the Major, there were no more excuses. OpTic dropped scrappy series against Atlanta and Seattle but bounced back to finish 3-2. With that group stage record, they’d start in the Upper Bracket. Disaster struck to start the Major though, as the squad fell 3-0 to the Dallas Empire. Scump & Co won close series against Seattle and Minnesota to start moving up the bracket, but would again have to face Dallas. But Dallas was too much to handle for Chicago. After the defeat, they were knocked out disappointingly in 4th.

Stage 4 was Scump’s best stage of the season. He’d have a positive KD in all three modes and see his slaying numbers rise in all modes. The King saw the most improvement in Hardpoint. His 1.08 KD was a season-high, aided by his 23.01 kills per 10 minutes. In this form, Scump was sure to power OpTic past their 4th place curse.

Stage 5

Entering the final stage of the season OpTic was the 6th seed overall. Needing to battle for a higher seed, they’d have to start out strong. The squad played great in the group stage, taking down Atlanta and securing the 1st seed in the group. It was the best OpTic had looked all season. In the first round of the Major, they’d be tasked with taking down Toronto. Sadly, the Ultra was too strong and won 3-2. OpTic would fight back to take down Seattle and Dallas to set up a rematch against Toronto. With the Finals one round away, Chicago failed again to beat the Ultra.

Scump ended the season on a high note, ending with a positive KD in all three modes. His SnD stayed elite, but his respawn game also stayed at a high level. He continued to slay very well and helped create space on the map. Scump finished with 15 opening duels won, having over a 50% opening duel win percentage yet again. He was going into CDL Playoffs in full form.

CDL Playoffs

After a lackluster regular season, OpTic had a lot of pressure to perform in the final tournament. In the minds of the OpTic fans, all would be forgiven with a Grand Finals appearance at Playoffs. It’d be a harder task with multiple players testing positive for COVID-19. Both Envoy and Scump would be questionable to play in the final tournament. Their practice would turn for the worst, as the team didn’t know if their SMG duo would be able to play. Fortunately, they’d both be cleared for action the week of the Playoffs and the team would be at full power going in.

OpTic Chicago vs New York Subliners

In the opening round of the tournament, OpTic would go against the New York Subliners. James “Clayster” Eubanks had just been announced to be returning into the start roster for New York. After looking great in practice leading up into the Playoffs, the Subliners were looking like a darkhorse team with Clayster. New York started off red hot, taking the first two maps in convincing fashion. Chicago fought back in maps 3 and 4 to tie the series 2-2. Sadly, the momentum wasn’t enough and the Subliners won the map 5 Raid SnD 6-4. Again, OpTic would lose in the opening round to be knocked into the Lower Bracket.

OpTic Chicago vs Florida Mutineers

After falling to New York to begin the tournament, they would have to rebound against Florida and play again on Day 1. Chicago split maps to start the series, going into map 3 with a 1-1 series count. But OpTic’s respawn was just too much for Florida. OpTic looked much better in the respawn maps and took the series 3-1. After dropping the SnD, Chicago just went to another level to win the series. Scump played fantastic, ending the series with a 1.30 KD and a 1.35 KD in Hardpoint. He was leading the way for the team on the SMG.

OpTic Chicago vs Toronto Ultra

OpTic would match up with their rivals Toronto Ultra in the next round. Toronto had knocked out Chicago in multiple tournaments over the course of the season. They had great teamwork and had the edge in both SnD and Control. OpTic would have to find a way to overcome Toronto’s teamwork to advance into the next round. Chicago came out slow in the series again, falling in a 0-2 hole in the series going into the Raid Control. After winning map 3, OpTic fell in map 4 to be eliminated. Even after outslaying Toronto by 13 in the map 4 Hardpoint, Chicago wasn’t able to win the map. It was another devastating loss for OpTic.


Scump proved during the Cold War season that he still has plenty left in the tank. Even though Chicago was unable to make any Grand Finals, he played well enough to almost get them there multiple times. The veteran SMG learned from his mistakes early in the season and got much better in the second half. Scump’s best mode in 2021 was surprisingly Search & Destroy. Known for his elite respawn play in his career, his SnD play took a major step forward in Cold War. He finished with a positive KD in every single stage and had fantastic entry numbers. The King is still one of the best SMGs in the entire CDL.

How good was Scump in 2021?


Scump was the slaying SMG that opened up the for his teammates to thrive. Seth was very consistent on all of the maps, having only two maps with a negative KD. His play got even better with the switch to LAN, having a 1.11 KD and 24.42 kills per 10 minutes. He played better at the Major compared to the group stages as well. He was the definition of a big-time player.

Overall, OpTic was one of the best Hardpoint teams in the League. They finished with a 44-34 record over the season, highlighted on Checkmate (11-5) and Moscow (14-7). Their slaying power was what put them above the rest.

Search & Destory

His best mode of 2021, Scump looked like an SnD Star in Cold War. The most underrated part of his game was his entry numbers. He finished with 66 opening duels won and a 54.10% win percentage. Scump’s best map was Moscow, having a 1.35 KD and 71% opening duel win percentage on the map. His methodical style worked perfectly for the map.

Even though Scump played wonderfully in SnD, the team as a whole struggled. They finished with a 29-30 record overall and didn’t really shine in any stage. They struggled on Raid (3-8) & Miami (0-3) but had success on Checkmate (6-2), Moscow (10-7), and Standoff (5-3). Given the amount of talent and SnD stars on the roster, many expected better results in 2021.


Scump’s Control stats weren’t very flashy, but he was highly effective in-game. With the team playing a lot of the AR-heavy Checkmate, Scump’s objective work and sneaky plays helped the team find a lot of success. He was very selfless and still slayed great. Raid was his best map, having a 1.04 KD overall and a 1.00 on the attacking side. It was a great season of Control out of Seth.

Chicago was one of the best Control teams of the season in the Cold War. The 30-17 record they had in the mode ranked 3rd in the CDL. The teamwork and slaying power made them a very scary team to match up within Control.

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A look ahead to Vanguard

*Excluding 2021 Season

If rumors hold true, Scump will be joining the newly build super-team OpTic Dallas in Vanguard. With OpTic’s financial situation in dire straits without the backing of NRG, they would need to find a more stable situation. In comes Hastro and Envy. The rumors say that Dallas Empire will turn to OpTic Dallas with a merger between Envy and OpTic. Their roster would be Scump, Dashy, Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro, and Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal. Scump would find himself within one of the deadliest SMG duos in the CDL. It will give him more chances to win championships and become the #1 team in the League.

Stats Key

TES – True Engagement Success: (Kills+Assists)/(Kills+Assists+Deaths)
Slayer Rating –
Average Engagements: (Total Kills+Total Deaths+Total Assists)/Total Game Time(or Rounds for SnD)
Kp10M – Kills per 10 Minutes: (Total Kills/Total Game Time)*10
Dp10M – Deaths per 10 Minutes: (Total Deaths/Total Game Time)*10
DMGp10M – Damage per 10 Minutes: (Total Damage/Total Game Time)*10
HTp10M – Hill Time per 10 Minutes: (Total Hill Time/Total Game Time)*10
Sp10M – Score per 10 Minutes: (Total Score/Total Game Time)*10
ADR – Average Damage per Round: (Total Damage/Total Rounds Played)
OpDuel Won or Lost – First Blood or First Blooded
OpDuel W% – Opening Duel Win Percentage: (Total OpDuels Won)/(Total OpDuels Won+Total OpDuels Lost)
KpR, DpR – Kills per Round & Deaths per Round
K% – The % of rounds the player had at least 1 kill
MK% – The % of rounds the player had at least 2 kills
0K% – The % of rounds the player had 0 kills
Stats versus the top 3 teams in the league are the summed stats vs Atlanta, Dallas, & Toronto. If the player is on one of those teams, the stat is summed from the remaining two teams on the list.

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