Top 20 Players of Cold War: #10 HyDra

The #10 player of the Cold War season, brought to you by Elgato, is the French Phenom Paco “HyDra” Rusiewiez. The young gun came into New York in Stage 3 and was one of the best SMGs in the entire League.

HyDra had been known as the best amateur prospect for the past couple of seasons in the European scene. He was sure to step into a starting lineup and perform well. He performed well on the amateur side during the Modern Warfare season, continuing to learn to finer details of the game and learning English on the side. While he was rumored to be picked up by the Paris Legion, James “Clayster” Eubanks lured him to the New York Subliners heading into Cold War. While he wouldn’t start right away due to visa issues, he’d be a lock for the roster once he made it into the States.

Season Review

The rookie had a fantastic season for the New York Subliners. He was one of the best Hardpoint players in the entire League and improved across the board as the year went along. Learning from the veterans on the team, HyDra continued to learn and looked like an elite player by the end of the year. Paco ended the year with great marks for slaying and damage in both Hardpoint and SnD. His SnD game started slow but by the end of the year, it was very good. He’d have a 1.10 KD in the mode with 0.77 kills per round and 154 ADR. The young gun was elite and could’ve easily won the Rookie of the Year award. Here is his 2021 season review!

Stage 3

Going into Stage 3, New York was finally able to insert Paco into the starting lineup. Coming in for Conor “Diamondcon” Johst, HyDra instantly rejuvenated the Subliner side. After lackluster results in the 2nd Stage, New York wanted to regain in Stage 3. They would have a great group stage, finishing with a 4-1 record and locking in an Upper Bracket start. With key wins over Atlanta, LAT, Seattle, and Chicago, they looked like a top team. Going into the Major, they were the best Hardpoint team in the CDL. At the Major, the Subliners started with victories over both Florida and Atlanta to book a ticket to the Finals. Unfortunately, FaZe fought back in the Losers’ bracket and would get their revenge with a 5-2 win. After such a dominant stage, 2nd place was still a great finish.

HyDra showed his strength in his first professional stage. He was a force in Hardpoint, finishing with the highest kills (24.2) and damage (4399) per 10 minutes for SMGs. Paco finished with a 1.29 KD in the mode, which was the highest in the League. Overall, it was a fantastic opening from the rookie.

Stage 4

After reaching the finals in Stage 3, the Subliners knew that they could build upon that and continue growing. They were the best Hardpoint team in Stage 3 and just needed to improve their SnD and Control. The team would have a great group stage again, finishing with a 4-1 record. Key victories over Dallas, Florida, London, and LAG locked in an Upper Bracket start for New York. Sadly, Asim would not be attending the Major due to visa issues. The team would be forced to use a substitute and it destroyed all momentum they had. After losses to Minnesota 0-3 and Dallas 1-3, they’d finish 5th/6th at the first LAN Major.

Paco continued still stellar rookie season in Stage 4. He’d finish with a 1.15 KD in Hardpoint and 1.16 KD in SnD. He had great slaying numbers in those two modes, helping the team have high marks in those modes. He would just have to improve his Control gameplay to be great in all three modes.

Stage 5

Going into Stage 5, fractures had begun to show within the New York squad. After having a poor showing in the group stage, Clayster was benched and Diamondcon reentered the starting lineup. The team would end up finishing 1-4 in groups and would start in the Lower Bracket for the final Major. It’d be difficult to place well at the Major. New York would have two map 5 victories over LAG and Florida to move up in the Lower Bracket but would fall to LAT. This loss knocked out the Subliners in 7th/8th.

HyDra continued his insane Hardpoint form in Stage 5, even with a substitute in for their leader. He’d finish with a 1.17 KD in the mode with 23.36 kills per 10 minutes. His SnD performance was good as well. Paco had 0.74 kills per round and had 20 opening duels won. It was another great stage out of the French Phenom.

CDL Playoffs

After Diamondcon entered the lineup in Stage 5, many thought that Clayster was done for the season. With no announcement from New York, it was thought to be a done deal. But not so fast. Rumors began to swirl that Clayster had been practicing with the team again and was doing rather well. The hype around the squad began to rise, expectations along with it. Finally, a week before the start of the CDL Playoffs the Subliners announced the return of the legend. It was their chance to end the season on a high.

New York Subliners vs OpTic Chicago

The first match of the CDL Playoffs would be New York Subliners versus OpTic Chicago. There was tension between the two teams over the course of the regular season, making this matchup more interesting. Both teams traded map victories until the series was tied 2-2. Going into map 5, all the pressure was on OpTic to beat New York. HyDra & Co would end up clutching map 5 with the 6-4 victory on Raid SnD. It was a shocking result considering how New York’s Stage 5 went, but they would be full steam ahead into their second matchup.

New York Subliners vs Atlanta FaZe

In the 2nd round, New York matched up against the tournament favorite Atlanta FaZe. It would be a hard task for the newly reformed Subliners, but it would show where their form was at. Unfortunately, it would be a quick series in favor of Atlanta. The FaZe came in hot and swept New York in three maps. The 3-0 loss would be tough for New York, as it wasn’t very close and they would have to rebound rather quickly.

New York Subliners vs Minnesota ROKKR

New York would have to play again on the third day of the CDL Playoffs against the Minnesota Rokkr. Going against the Stage 5 Champions would be hard for New York, who was coming in off a tough loss. It was a tough matchup for New York, as Minnesota was a great SnD & Control team. Minnesota would open the series up with a map victory on Garrison Hardpoint, but New York would fight back with a 6-4 win on Raid SnD. The next two maps would be very close, but ultimately Minnesota would take them both. In the end, Minnesota would win the series 3-1 and knock the Subliners out in 5th/6th.


While he didn’t win any titles in Cold War, HyDra’s rookie season was very successful. He was one of the best Hardpoint players in the League and performed in a difficult situation. At his peak level in Stage 3, Paco looked like an MVP candidate. Even with the Asim visa issues and Clayster having to step away, HyDra continued to perform. While he looked raw at times, he continued to learn and get better as the season went along. Paco will certainly continue to improve and be one of the best SMGs in the CDL in 2022.

How good was HyDra in 2021?


In his rookie season, HyDra looked like an animal in Hardpoint. He had fantastic statistics all around, finishing with a 1.17 over the season. His best map was Garrison, having a 1.30 KD and 24.83 kills per 10 minutes. He also performed highly against the best. Against the top 3 teams in the CDL, HyDra had a 1.22 KD and 23.98 kills per 10 minutes. Amazing performance all around.

While HyDra was a monster individually, New York wouldn’t have the best success in the mode. With a 24-22 record from Stage 3 on, you’d expect better results with the roster they had. Especially since the squad finished 12-2 map count in the third stage. They really were hurt by the absents of Asim in Stage 4 and Clayster in Stage 5.

Search & Destory

Search and Destroy was another good mode for HyDra. He finished the season with a 1.10 overall KD but got much better by the end of the season. His numbers were much better on LAN compared to online, and much better in the Majors compared to the group stages. Paco finished with a positive KD in five of the six maps, including a 1.48 on Standoff. Fantastic season out of the Frenchmen.

Overall, New York finished 22-19 with HyDra in the lineup. It was an up-and-down mode for New York, so having a winning record is a good accomplishment. Their best map was Standoff, where they had a 6-1 record and took down some of the best teams on that map. With more time, they could’ve molded into a top SnD team.


Control is where HyDra had the most struggles in Cold War. He did start to improve once the team got on LAN, as he had a 1.10 KD. Paco did struggle against the top 3 teams, but with more time to grow he will improve. His best map again was Garrison, where he had a 1.01 KD and 18.14 kills per 10 minutes. With another year under his belt, HyDra could find better form in the mode.

Control was undoubtedly the worst mode for New York with HyDra in the squad. They finished 10-18 in the mode, with losing records on all three maps. They had their good moments on Checkmate (3-4) but really struggled on Garrison (4-9) and Raid (3-5). In the end, the Subliners needed more time to improve their Control gameplay.

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A look ahead to Vanguard

HyDra has recently been confirmed to be staying with the New York Subliners in 2022. The Frenchmen will be returning to New York without Obaid “Asim” Asim & Makenzie “Mack” Kelley, as both players have been traded over the offseason. Clayster will be staying in the organization and helped bring two more weapons on board. Joining Paco and Clay will be Ian “Crimsix” Porter and Travis “Neptune” McCloud. The combination of youth and veteran leadership will be reminiscent of the 2019 Dallas Empire team. The squad will be loaded with talent, as their SMG duo should be one of the best in the League. Look for New York and Paco to improve in 2022 and compete for championships consistently.

Stats Key

Slayer Rating – Projected kills in a 5 map series: (Kp10M in HP * 2)+(KpR in SnD * 22) + Kp10M in CTL
TES – True Engagement Success: (Kills+Assists)/(Kills+Assists+Deaths)
Kp10M – Kills per 10 Minutes: (Total Kills/Total Game Time)*10
Dp10M – Deaths per 10 Minutes: (Total Deaths/Total Game Time)*10
DMGp10M – Damage per 10 Minutes: (Total Damage/Total Game Time)*10
HTp10M – Hill Time per 10 Minutes: (Total Hill Time/Total Game Time)*10
Sp10M – Score per 10 Minutes: (Total Score/Total Game Time)*10
ADR – Average Damage per Round: (Total Damage/Total Rounds Played)
OpDuel Won or Lost – First Blood or First Blooded
OpDuel W% – Opening Duel Win Percentage: (Total OpDuels Won)/(Total OpDuels Won+Total OpDuels Lost)
KpR, DpR – Kills per Round & Deaths per Round
K% – The % of rounds the player had at least 1 kill
MK% – The % of rounds the player had at least 2 kills
0K% – The % of rounds the player had 0 kills
Stats versus the top 3 teams in the league are the summed stats vs Atlanta, Dallas, & Toronto.

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