Top 20 MW Challengers Players: #20 – #16

Rounding out the 2020 Modern Warfare season, Breaking Point gathered a panel of CDL coaches, analysts, and casters to help put together a Top 20 ranking for Call of Duty Challengers players. The objective of this list is to recognize up-and-coming players for their performance and accomplishments during the 2020 Modern Warfare season. We’ll be releasing three more articles in the series over the next three days counting down from #20 to #1.

A note on players excluded, players that played in at least one official CDL match were excluded from this ranking (i.e. Mack, Owakening, etc).

The Ranking #20 – #16 | Narrated by ,iholdshift

#20 Vortex

,Stephen “Vortex” Allen has been a force in the Call of Duty scene since the early days of his career. In Black Ops 3, his squad placed fourth at CoD Champs. Since then, he has continued to demonstrate his abilities into the Modern Warfare season with multiple top finishes and concluding the year by winning the EU Amateur CoD Champs with Team WaR. Throughout the year, he held an overall average placing of 1.61. Alongside Dqvee, Afro, and Denza, this has been one of Vortex’s most successful seasons. Vortex’s natural leadership, knowledge and selfless gameplay is what makes him a valuable asset to any team and last year’s results prove that.

#19 Xotic

,John “Xotic” Bruno has been playing competitive Call of Duty as early as Black Ops 3. From his start until Modern Warfare he has jumped from various rosters of top talent including Cloud 9 (Infinite Warfare), Lightning Pandas (WWII), and Evil Geniuses (Black Ops 4). This past season, he finished the year with a third place result at the NA Amateur CoD Champs along with several top finishes throughout the season including a first place finish at the NA Toronto Ultra Open.

#18 Parasite

,Christopher “Parasite” Duarte is one of the biggest names in Call of Duty. According to public record, he got his start during the Black Ops season immediately producing top results. The pinnacle being the Black Ops 2 season with a first place finish at CoD Champs as well as multiple top finishes throughout the season. Coming into the Modern Warfare season, Parasite would work with multiple variations of top amateurs consistently producing top placements throughout the season in the toughest amateur region. He finished the season with an average placing of 4.67, a third place finish at the NA Amateur CoD Champs along with several top finishes throughout the season including a first place finish at the NA Toronto Ultra Open. Parasite’s natural talent and flexibility wearing multiple hats switching between SMG and AR to fill gaps on his teams are evidence of his impact inside the game.

#17 Detain

,Jed “Detain” Mulcahy took the Call of Duty scene by surprise in Black Ops 4 through an incredible run at CoD Champs taking down the likes of LG and Envy. He continued this performance into the Modern Warfare season with an average LAN placing of 1.5 (winning the first two LANs of the season) and an overall average placing of 2.84. Detain and the Singularity squad would finish the season with a second place result at the EU Amateur CoD Champs. Detain’s level of aggression on the map makes him a problem for any team he plays against.

#16 Harry

,Harry “Harry” Payne had a standout year during the Modern Warfare season starting with the Elitist Gaming roster eventually moving to join Team WaR. Harry and Team WaR put up a dominating performance in Challengers tournaments with average placement of 1.4 (3.5 overall including his time on Elitist Gaming). To top it off, he would also place first at the EU Amateur CoD Champs. Harry’s gun skill and natural instincts on the map are key differentiators that set him apart.

Stay tuned for #15 to #11 which drops tomorrow.

Special thanks to the panel who participated in the ranking: ,Nubzy, ,Saintt, ,EasyMac, ,Novus, ,DREAL, ,Fenix, ,IHOLDSHIFT, ,Nfinity. Additional shoutouts to ,Fenix for assisting with the articles and ,IHOLDSHIFT + ,NickSzott for video production.

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