Top 20 MW Challengers Players: #10 – #6

Rounding out the 2020 Modern Warfare season, Breaking Point gathered a panel of coaches, analysts, and casters to help put together a Top 20 ranking for Call of Duty Challengers players. The objective of this list is to recognize up-and-coming players for their performance and accomplishments during the 2020 Modern Warfare season.

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A note on player exclusion, players that played in at least one official CDL match were excluded from this ranking (i.e. Mack, Owakening, etc).

The Ranking #10 – #6 | Narrated by ,iholdshift

#10 Bidz

,Luke “Bidz” Biddle, member of the fan-favorite Singularity roster, caught the community’s attention during Black Ops 4 through an incredible run at CoD Champs taking down the likes of LG and Envy. He continued this performance into the Modern Warfare season with an average LAN placing of 1.5 (winning the first two LANs of the season). Bidz and the Singularity squad would finish the season with a second place result at the EU Amateur CoD Champs. Bidz’s biggest asset to his team is his versatility. Typically Bidz finds himself playing the selfless role-player but also has the ability to slay out when called upon.

#9 Sib

,Daunte “Sib” Gray immediately caught the attention of the pro community upon turning 18. Less than a month after turning 18, Sib was signed to FaZe Academy. They would win their first LAN as a team together at CDC Atlanta. Sib and the FaZe squad continued to produce top placements including five 1st place finishes and an overall average placing of 6.73. Sib is easily one of the most raw talented players in the amateur scene currently. Transitioning to the 2021 CDL season, Atlanta FaZe have signed Sib as their substitute player.

#8 Fire

,Luis “Fire” Rivera is a new face on the block. With his birthday in March, he turned 18 at a time when many teams were already formed making it difficult to find a comfortable spot. Fire had quite the turnaround season with an average placement of 6.9 in the first three months of competing to an average placement of 3.1 in the final three months of the Modern Warfare season. This included a first place finish at the second Toronto Open and a third place finish at the NA Amateur CoD Champs. Fire has a bright future given his high talent ceiling while filling the slaying SMG role.

#7 Chain

,Sam “Chain” Dineley began his competitive career in WWII bouncing between various EU rosters. The Modern Warfare season had Chain pegged as one of the top players to look out for. Chain and the Singularity squad won the first LAN of the season and set out to prove their worth by spending additional time in the US to compete in the North American circuit. Chain would finish the season with a second place result at the EU Amateur CoD Champs. On top of his in-game abilities and leadership, Chain possess a “whatever it takes” mentality helping him go the extra mile when it comes to winning.

#6 Standy

,Eli “Standy” Bentz played the majority of the Modern Warfare season on the Triumph roster. Working closely with his aggressive sub duo FeLo, Standy and the Triumph team went on to have one of the best seasons in North America with an average placing of 4.3 at Challengers events and winning the NA Amateur CoD Champs. With his raw gunskill and game knowledge, Standy has the potential to impact teams similar to what we saw in the likes of Mack and Owakening this year.

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Special thanks to the panel who participated in the ranking: ,Nubzy, ,Saintt, ,EasyMac, ,Novus, ,DREAL, ,Fenix, ,IHOLDSHIFT, ,Nfinity. Additional shoutouts to ,Fenix for assisting with the articles and ,IHOLDSHIFT + ,NickSzott for video production.

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