Top 10 “I’M HIM” map performances of Week 2

Welcome to the Top 10 IM HIM map performances of the weekend. Didn’t have time to check out every match during week 2? We got you covered! This will showcase the ten best individual performances by players to will their team’s to victory. Let us know which performance you think was the best of the weekend!

1. Clayster & Temp Map 5 vs Minnesota Rokkr

Needing a win against the Minnesota Rokkr to close in on the 8th seed, Las Vegas Legion’s ARs showed up and took over Map 5 on Mercado. Clayster and Temp would combine for 22 kills, just 7 deaths, and 2587 damage. Clayster went 3-0 in opening duels, adding in a pair of snipes as well. With the win, the Legion are just 10 CDL point behind the Rokkr for the final spot at Champs.

Stat lines:
Clayster : 11-4 (2.75 KD), 1551 damage, 6 assists, 2 plants, 3-0 in opening duels, 2 snipes, 8 non-traded kills
Temp : 11-3 (3.67 KD), 1036 damage, 6 assists, 8 non-traded kills

2. Shotzzy Map 2 vs Toronto Ultra

Two of the top teams faced off on Sunday in what could be a preview of a Championship Sunday match in Toronto. After OpTic Texas started strong, taking map 1 to start the series up 1-0, Toronto needed to rebound in map 2. Shotzzy stepped up to the plate and slammed the door shut on the Ultra. The superstar SMG finished the with 15 kills and 4 first bloods to help OpTic take the map 6-4.

Stat line:
Shotzzy : 15-6 (2.50 KD), 1475 damage, 4 assists, 4-3 in opening duels, 1 plant, 1 defuse, 11 non-traded kills

3. Vikul Map 4 vs LA Thieves

Coming into Week 2, LA Thieves had to find some good results after going 0-2 in the first week of play. The Mutineers on the other hand had nothing to lose and could play without pressure. It showed, as Florida would take a commanding 2-1 lead over the Thieves, winning both respawn maps. With a chance at a major upset, Vikul stepped up to lead the Mutineers on Fortress. The Spaniard finished with 35 kills and 3352 damage in a dominate showing to take the map 4 Hardpoint 250-128 to win the series!

Stat line:
Vikul : 35-21 (1.67 KD), 3352 damage, 31 sec hill time, 22 non-traded kills, high streak of 5

4. JoeDeceives Map 1 vs London Royal Ravnes

While the matchup wasn’t the flashiest of the weekend, each of the eight players in the server were fighting for a spot in the CDL next season. Rookie JoeDeceives would step up and take the lead during Map 1 to help set the tone in Map 1. The rookie finished with 35 kills and 3925 damage for the Guerrillas, as they would take the Fortress Hardpoint 250-152.

Stat line:
JoeDeceives: 35-21 (1.67 KD), 3925 damage, 53 sec hill time, 9 assists, 25 non-traded kills

5. Atlanta FaZe Map 2 vs Las Vegas Legion

After starting the series 1-0, Atlanta looked to take a commanding lead over the Legion. Las Vegas was fighting fiercely in the series, as their Champs lives depended on finding good results in Stage 5. Map 2 would take us to Mercado for the SND, but the map would be very quick. FaZe would take the map 6-1 behind a very balanced effort across all four players, including back-to-back aces out of their SMGs. This map shut to the door on the Legions chances in the series, as Atlanta would end up taking the series 3-0.

Stat lines:
Simp : 7-3 (2.33 KD), 748 damage, 3 assists, 3 plants, ace in round 4, 5 non-traded kills
aBeZy : 8-5 (1.60 KD), 959 damage, 2-4 in opening duels, ace in round 5, 6 non-traded kills
SlasheR : 7-1 (7.00 KD), 795 damage, 4 assists, 1-0 in opening duels, 6 non-traded kills, 1 3k round
Cellium : 5-3 (1.67 KD), 807 damage, 6 assists

6. Ghosty Map 2 vs Seattle Surge

Ghosty has been on a tear this season for OpTic Texas, and that would continue against the Seattle Surge. The rookie would do it all for OpTic, including a 1v2 clutch to tie up the map at 4-4. In the end, Ghosty would finish with 13 kills, 1370 damage, and 10 non-traded kills to help Texas take the Hotel SnD 6-4 and take a 2-0 series lead.

Stat line:
Ghosty : 13-4 (3.25 KD), 1370 damage, 3 plants, 1-0 in opening duels, 1v2 clutch, 10 non-traded kills

7. Simp Map 1 vs Las Vegas Legion

After a restart, the series was finally under way for Atlanta FaZe vs the Las Vegas Legion. Needing a strong start, Simp would go on a tear to help give Atlanta an advantage in the series. The SMG would finish with 29 kills, a 2.07 KD, and 2624 damage to help FaZe win the Hotel Hardpoint 250-144!

Stat line:
Simp : 29-14 (2.07 KD), 2624 damage, 83 sec hill time, 25 non-traded kills, 5 assists

8. Cammy vs Temp Map 2

In the most important match of the week in terms of Champs, the Las Vegas Legion and Minnesota Rokkr fought hard against each other in what ended up being a Map 5 thriller. Earlier on in the series, the Rokkr had to battle on El Asilo during Map 2 after dropping the opening Hardpoint. Cammy and Temp would go head-to-head to try to will their teams to victory, with the Rokkr coming out victorious. Cammy would end the map with 12 kills and 1622 damage, while on the other side Temp would have 14 kills with 1545 damage. Both ARs were putting on a show on El Asilo!

Stat line:
Cammy : 12-6 (2.00 KD), 1622 damage, 3-1 in opening duels, 2 snipes, 8 non-traded kills
Temp : 14-8 (1.75 KD), 1545 damage, 3-0 in opening duels, 3 assists, 7 non-traded kills

9. Uli Map 3 vs Atlanta FaZe

While Scrappy and Ghosty have been the talk of the rookie class, Uli has also had flashes of potential in his tenure at London. During their bounty match against Atlanta FaZe, the Royal Ravens found themselves down 0-2 in the series heading into Hotel Control. Uli would play a critical part over the back-and-forth affair, as he continually shut down Atlanta’s attempts to take the B-point on defense and opened up the map for the Ravens on offense. In the end, the rookie finished with 39 kills, 4132 damage, and 34 non-traded kills in the 3-2 map victory!

Stat line:
Uli : 39-26 (1.50 KD), 4132 damage, 4 tier captures, 34 non-traded kills, 1.90 KD on attack

10. aBeZy Map 4 vs London Royal Ravens

Atlanta matched up against the London Royal Ravens for their bounty match in Stage 5, and the front runner for MVP made sure to finish the series in four. After London took the Control to force another map, the two teams matched up on Embassy Hardpoint. aBeZy would drop 26 kills with 2554 damage and 2.60 KD to lead FaZe to a 250-74 stomping of the Ravens. They would take the series 3-1 and the $10,000 bounty!

Stat line:
aBeZy : 26-10 (2.60 KD), 2554 damage, 38 sec hill time, 24 non-traded kills, high streak of 9

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