The Tactical Recap #6

Welcome to the Tactical Recap. The top 5 Call of Duty League storylines of the week. Don’t have enough time to catch all of TacticalRab’s videos? We’ve got you covered! Put a 🌶️🌶️🌶️ in the comments to let us know you’re reading!

1. The Volk Merchant is Back Again and with a Sidekick

Spart finds his way back into the starting lineup of LAG… again. In place of Gunless… again. We also see the team benching Asim as they pick up Neptune. Was this the right move, or should Huke have been moved to the pine?

2. Can Vivid Save The Day?

In other roster news, Vivid is out at Florida. According to Crone, he could make his way to Boston in a deal that should be finalized soon. He would be starting in place of rookie Capsidal. Many fans are asking if Nero should have been the one on the chopping block (both Nero and Vivid are aggressive subs). Boston need to win and win now to stay in contention for champs.

3. Florida’s Trials to Replace Chadpadie and Vivid

With Vivid gone, who fills the SMG spot? After initialing trials, Asim refused to go to Florida. We also saw Vikul unable to play due to his student visa. Trials are now being conducted with 2ReaL. As previously mentioned, this roster would also see Davpadie being benched for MajorManiak.

4. The Thumbertaker ReturnsUnless?

OpTic confirmed that iLLeY is practicing again with the team. For now, it’s only one scrim a day. iLLeY said that his thumb is feeling much better and he should be back in Texas for Major 4 Qualifiers. However, just earlier today, we saw some rumors of Prolute traveling (to TX, perhaps?), and Capsidal replacing Prolute on Clay’s team in Challengers. Are they easing iLLeY back in? Is it chalked? WHAT IS GOING ON!?!

5. Censor Sends Out an SOS

Call of Duty Champs was confirmed for August 4th through 7th in LA. The Challenger Champs tournament was announced for the same location and dates.

Only 8 teams are going to Challengers Champs and it looks as if only two NA teams will qualify. The players are heated.

4 teams will qualify from the global points leaderboard, and the other 4 teams will qualify from regional LCQs (1 NA, 1 EU, 1 APAC, 1 LATAM). Censor has been vocal about the format, and wants a CHANGE. He even tried to MOVE to another region (LatAm) to qualify for Champs. He also created a petition to change this format.  

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