The Tactical Recap #3

Welcome to the Tactical Recap. The top 5 Call of Duty League storylines of the week. Don’t have enough time to catch all of TacticalRab’s videos? We’ve got you covered!

1. “Pimplegate” was in full force this week after iLLeY was spotted playing challs on a burner account. Scump and Shotzzy got their laughs out of the situation and said that RamboRay would be “mad” when he found out. 

Ray later explained to fans that iLLeY was advised by his doctor to try playing so that he could report how it feels to the doctor. Is it a “pimple”, a “ball of pus”, or something more? Was Dr. Fatman onto something all the way back in April with his “bone spur” diagnosis? Hopefully, iLLeY’s real doctor isn’t “faded.”

2. Now that Pimplegate is out of the way… OpTic confirmed that Prolute will remain in the starting lineup. iLLeY will still be attending the major to support the team.

3. LA Thieves and Florida Mutineers faced off on Sunday in the first ever CDL tiebreaker match. The winner would move into 7th place for the Major and would face off against OpTic Texas in WR1. The CDL joked about teams throwing the matches and it was evident that both teams weren’t playing to their full potential. Multiple players (Skyz, Envoy) pulled out Tommy Guns on Bocage (Shotzzy’s Tommy Gun class HERE).

LAT “won” the “Game of Throws” and lost in 0 to 3 fashion. They will now face RØKKR (5-0 this stage) in winners round 1.

4. The CDL was plagued by DRAMA all week long. This stayed true when Boston faced off against Florida. The series was close and it led all the way to game 5, where we saw a game crash. Florida was down 5 to 2 and TJHaLy had a glide bomb in his back pocket. When the map hit 5-5, the lobby crashed.

When they loaded back in, TJ was missing his glide bomb streak! Florida won the match in round 11. No game state rollback means no streak for TJ. If TJ had the glide bomb, it may have changed the entire outcome of the match. Simply put, no competitive integrity. We are still the WWE of esports. FeelsBadMan. Methodz took to Twitter directly after to show his disgust. 

5. Lastly we saw a first in the Call of Duty League when FaZe lost 3 to 0 vs RØKKR. This is the first time the team of Simp, aBeZy, Cellium, and Arcitys have been swept… ever.

Their woes continued into the hardpoint vs LAG but they closed the series in the next three maps. Do FaZe have what it takes to win an event this season?

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