The Tactical Recap #28

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Crimsix slams 8-team Champs, teams holding players hostage

With Champs right around the corner, there is a heated battle between potentially four organizations for three spots. Going into Major V, both the Boston Breach and Seattle Surge are at 190 CDL points, while Minnesota Rokkr sits at 180 points and Las Vegas Legion at 160 points. While there are some major storylines currently, Ian “Crimsix” Porter says that all 12 teams should be at Champs and that everyone is losing with the 8-team format. He speaks on the Subliners pursuit of Charlie “Hicksy” Hicks last season, why teams are holding their substitutes hostage, and more!

Minnesota Rokkr bench Afro

Going into the final online qualifier of the season, Minnesota and Las Vegas were in a very tight battle for the 8th seed. While Legion were putting up great results, including a 3-2 series victory over the Rokkr, Minnesota weren’t finding form. The team made the shock decision to bench their English SMG player Marcus “Afro” Reid to make room for the veteran Dillon “Attach” Price to return to the starting roster. The move turned out to be fruitful, with the Rokkr beating the LA Thieves 3-1 and the Toronto Ultra 3-2 in the final week of play. Will the Rokkr hold on at Major V?!

Subliners bring in WarDy for single series, Octane speaks on “insane decision”

The New York Subliners made a shocking decision after beating the Seattle Surge 3-1 Friday night to bring their qualifying record to 3-1. It was announced that Cesar “Skyz” Bueno would be heading to the bench so rookie Elliot “WarDy” Ward could make his debut against the Boston Breach. The move had major implications, as the Breach won 10 CDL points to move 30 ahead of the Las Vegas Legion and tied for the 6th seed. It impacted Major V as well, as now the Subliners will face the Toronto Ultra in Round 1 instead of the Legion if they had beaten Boston. Will the Subliners regret this decision in the future? Octane thinks so!

Rambo reveals what happened with OpTic Texas!

The now ex-coach of OpTic Texas joined the very talented and handsome Maven & Merk on a recent episode of the Toronto Ultra Podcast to discuss his tenure at OpTic as the head coach. Rambo touched on how the dropping of superstar AR Brandon “Dashy” Otell went down, why his relationship crumbled with the players and more!

2024 CDL Operator drama kicks off early!

The CDL Operators are always an interesting topic in the community, as each year fans are disappointed with the lack of creativity and “copy & paste” look of the operators that are suppose to showcase each CDL team. While this seems to be changing with weapon designs, there continues to be disappointing news on the operator front. OpTic designer Create responds to Activision very restrictive guidelines that greatly reduce what the teams can do for their designs. With what Create said, can the operators still be good in 2024?

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