The Tactical Recap #24

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Vegas Legion Drama

With Vegas being the last team to turn off scrims, many clips have been circulating of fiery words between Temp and Legion coach Theory. Nadeshot has even suggested the communication between Clayster and Temp is indicative of a future implosion. Is this another disaster year for Legion or can they turn it around before the season kicks off?

M4 Ban Drama

The M4 begins to dominate the CDL meta. Pros have banned the “fast AR” class by enforcing a Barrel GA to prevent each team from running 4 ARs, but most teams supposedly want the M4 fully gone and to only use the Scar. This would mean the Vaznev and Scar would be the two weapons used in their respective roles. Does the M4 have to go or will they continue to GA attachments until it’s usable. 

FaZe Struggling

Despite FaZe’s superb record in scrims over the last few years, they haven’t looked dominant so far in MW2, even losing a scrimset 6-1 to Boston. Clayster suggested that if FaZe eventually decided to make a change that himself, Octane, and even Crimsix could be options. This is strange coming from Clayster considering that the season hasn’t even started and he is seeing how he may slot into the FaZe roster.

Scrappy Drama

After LAG Academy with JoeDeceives wins the first Challengers Cup, he fires back at Scrappy who suggested he should “go back to Ranked”, as he was not scouted based on performance in Challengers last season as he was not yet 18. JoeDeceives has expressed that he doesn’t care about Scrappy’s trash talk one bit even stating that Scrappy was in his chat talking trash while JoeDeceives was playing.

OpTic Substitute

Big questions remain as to substitute spots on many teams, including OpTic Texas. Shotzzy invited three-time world champion Karma to fill that role, but maybe they will wait until the Pro-Am Major 1 and put Rambo as their substitute until then. There is great talent in challengers this year and they have been put on display already through Breaking Point Next and also the first challenger cup. Who would suit this OpTic team the best in the substitute spot.

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