The Tactical Recap #2

Welcome to the Tactical Recap. The top 5 Call of Duty League storylines of the week. Don’t have enough time to catch all of TacticalRab’s videos? We’ve got you covered!

1. OpTic beat FaZe for the 5th time this year and have a 5-0 record against FaZe in Vanguard. And with three different rosters now. This time, OpTic also outslayed by FaZe by a whopping 68 kills. 68 kills. Is this due to some sort of mental block for FaZe or does OpTic simply have their number this year?

OpTic +68 In the Series

See individual map stats HERE

2. In other OpTic news, iLLeY went to receive a second opinion on his thumb injury. In typical fashion, Inder said the first doctor was “faded” so he got a second opinion with an MRI and an X-Ray. It still remains unclear what is wrong with his thumb, but we’re hoping it is nothing serious and hope he gets back in the action soon.

3. Protect Prolute? Many fans have been speculating that iLLeY won’t have a spot back on the team even if he gets healthy. Prolute has been playing phenomenal and fans were quick to jump on the team’s recent success with the league’s newest super sub.

Ultimately, Dashy assured fans that iLLeY is not being replaced. But there are still a lot of question marks around whether iLLeY or Prolute will be playing at Major.

4. On Saturday, the LA Thieves slipped on another banana peel 🍌 as they lost 3 to 0 to the Seattle Surge. Outside of map 1, it wasn’t close.

Afterwards, multiple players on Thieves took to Twitter to complain. They claimed that the match was played on a Dallas server, which is where the Surge is based. The CDL confirmed the Dallas server but explained that the League used a latency tool to add ping to the Surge. The CDL says the two teams were on an even playing field. Thieves thought it wasn’t fair. Which is fact, and which is fiction?  

Regardless of the server issues, Thieves have struggled recently and another devastating loss raises further questions about what this team needs. Rab weighs in below:

5. Scrappy clowns Scooby, as the Big Dawg goes 18-42 in Control in Sunday’s last match. This season is bringing a tight race for the teams that are currently seeded 6 through 11. A key match took place on Sunday with NYSL facing off against an Insightless-Toronto Ultra. With Insight out due to food poisoning, Scrappy subbed in and smashed it with Ultra.

A big logjam in CDL with only 30 points separating 6 thru 11.

Scrappy Supremacy

The same can’t be said for Crimsix. Despite winning the control Crim, went 18 and 42 and overall in the series he had a 0.71 K/D. This places NYSL 20 points behind 8th place and they need a serious major 3 run to keep their champs hopes alive.

Zoinks, Scoob! Big Dawg in the Blender

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