The Tactical Recap #19

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Crimsix Retires

After 38 championships, 3 rings and over $1.4 million in prize money earned, Ian “Crimsix” Porter steps away from competitive CoD. Making the decision that it’s better for his health and future to call it a day with competing. His hand was partly forced by the surprising lack of CDL offers for his services. He stated that content is his next step, and with his entertaining personality we just know that he is going to kill it. 

MW2 Beta

Pros got their hands on this year’s title, and the reviews are mixed. Key frustrations are around the prevalence of snaking, tac sprint returning, hardpoint rotations and the rapid time-to-kill. It was also stated that slide canceling would not be in the game but within hours Shotzzy found a way to do the mechanic. 

Of course Shotzzy is the one player to break the game’s movement mechanics on the first day. With all of that being said some players are impressed with how the game plays and how some of the maps look. Considering it is still in the beta phase there is still plenty of time for change.

Rambo Update

In an Eavesdrop episode with Hecz, Rambo explained the OpTic drama behind-the-scenes, implying Dashy was going to be dropped for external activities “as a teammate”, and must improve if he is to reach his potential as the “most talented player in the game”. Talent has never been a question when talking about Dashy but his work ethic and out of game activities have always been suspect. Will the MW2 season help clear Dashy’s name?


Florida confirmed their roster of MajorManiak, Havok, Brack and Vikul. Not the flashiest squad on paper, but Vikul and Brack showed great promise in last season’s Challengers, and Brack is CWL-proven from 2019. The team has traded out AR central for an SnD focused team that might struggle in respawn but should steal Game 5s. Overall this squad is built very fundamentally while previous Florida rosters have been centered around individual skill. Will this team bring results in MW2?


MarkyB joins LAG as their new head coach, while Sender is rumored to move to New York. Asim was released by LAG and it is rumored that himself and PaulEhx are joining London alongside Zer0 and Nastie. Vegas has been targeting Prolute to play alongside their apparent current core of TJHaLy and Temp. It is unclear who their last player will be at this moment but it is clear that an SMG player would be needed. Does this speculated Vegas Legion roster look better than previous Paris years?

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