The Tactical Recap #18

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World Series of Warzone

The World Series of Warzone took place on September 7th and it hosted some CDL pros as well as Warzone pros and streamers. Scump unfortunately didn’t defend his solo yolo title this year, with Fifakill coming out on top and winning the $100k. FormaL jokingly roasted Censor by saying “not surprised” when he heard that Doug got knocked out of the trios tournament by Timthetatman. Overall it was an entertaining event but it came with some technical issues and even problems with players lagging out. Will Warzone be integrated into the CDL season at some point during the MW2 lifespan?

Scumps Future

Everyone is wondering when the King will retire. Scump clarifies “at least one more year” of competing, with an emphasis on at least. He indicates he’s willingly underpaid by OpTic, but could he desire a higher salary in the future to justify competing over full time content? Hopefully he sticks around for a few more years because CoD won’t be the same without him.

Toronto Confirmed

Scrappy, Insight, Standy, and CleanX are the confirmed starters for the Toronto Ultra next season. Scrappy was undeniable in challengers and he was the heart of Toronto’s labor in their academy system. Standy is the big question mark, if he is CW Standy then this team could be Top 3, if not, maybe Top 8 at best. Question marks remain around the chemistry of the EU/NA mix, especially if coach MarkyB leaves, but on paper this team looks like they can turn some heads. 

MW2 Movement

Shotzzy explains slide canceling is badly nerfed for MW2, sliding is a more of a defensive mechanic, with dolphin diving being the “broken” and abusable offensive mechanic. He states that dolphin diving needs a nerf and describes the mechanic as flying. Does no slide cancel hurt certain players? Crimsix has before stated that Simp & aBeZy are slide cancel merchants. Will we see a shift of the top players going into next season?

Vegas Legion

Paris officially confirm their move to Vegas, but get roasted hard for not changing their name, logo or color scheme. Apparently they were intending to change their logo to something resembling the Las Vegas star, but didn’t submit the paperwork in time and therefore are keeping the same branding. Vegas is still yet to confirm their roster so hopefully they can win big in Vegas and drop the bag on a new team.

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