The Tactical Recap #17

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Cellium Saves The CDL On Vanguard

As the Warzone vs CDL drama reaches its conclusion (for now), Cellium defeats Biffle and Aydan on Vanguard, but Biffle does beat Cellium 2-0 on Speedball MW. Scump doubles down, suggesting that these 1v1 results do not show that warzone pros are close to CDL level. With all of that being said Biffle has some serious gunny and it would be interesting to see him compete in some tourneys at the start of MW2.

Arcitys vs aBeZy

Arcitys tells all about Atlanta FaZe, suggesting he knew something was off during the regular season, and the team told his brother and mother about the issues before telling him. aBeZy claps back, saying Arcitys was dropped because his leadership fell off and hates that Arcitys is trying to paint them as bad people. It sucks seeing bad blood between long time friends but hopefully it produces some good rivalry matchups this season. 

Who Is The #1 Team?

Arcitys claims the LA Thieves will still be the team to beat next season. The back-to-back winners are a sensible choice among the teams that will stick, but despite FaZe bringing in SlasheR, Arcitys does not expect them to be the biggest threat to the LA Guerrillas‘ success. We also have a full return of the OpTic squad from last year and some new teams forming that may be gunning for that top spot. 

Claysters Future

Clay admits his plans to get on a CDL franchise are not going as planned, with one team ruining his plans by insinuating they would give him a spot, before choosing another option. Many have presumed this is Boston choosing Methodz. Clay may still go to Vegas Legion but this is far from guaranteed. If Clay has no options is this the end of the road for the three time world champion? Or will we see him grind another year in the pit?


Further sources have indicated that NYSL will be Skyz/HyDra/Kismet/Priestahh, and Florida will be MajorManiak/Brack/Havok/Vikul. Gunless is not satisfied with being left out of the conversation, and is seeking a substitute position. Last season was unfortunate for Gunless due to health complications but he still seems motivated to compete. More and more teams seem to be picking up young guns from challengers but the experience of players like Clay and Gunless could be a huge addition to young teams.

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