The Tactical Recap #16

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Thanos Joins The Avengers

Atlanta FaZe confirmed that 2016 world champion SlasheR will replace Arcitys for the Modern Warfare 2 season. On paper, SlasheR should replace Arcitys’ leadership and provide greater slaying (especially in Search and Destroy), but his teams do have a history of going south when things don’t go to plan. The cracked trio of Simp, aBeZy, and Cellium is just the upgrade SlasheR has been hoping for. Can they remain dominant in next year’s title or will Arcitys intangibles be irreplaceable?

Arcitys Joins LAG

The Los Angeles Guerrillas confirmed their roster of Huke, Spart, Neptune and Arcitys, in addition to the surprising signing of both Arcitys and Spart to three-year contracts. Any move would be a downgrade for Arcitys but some have argued he could have had better options. Arcitys seems excited and hungry for next season to prove himself on a new squad. We are in for a spicy revenge tour from Alec in MW2.

The RØKKR Pack a Punch

Minnesota RØKKR may have won rostermania with their (on paper) upgrade. Attach stays, with Cammy and Bance joining from Toronto Ultra, and Afro rounds out the squad on the second SMG. Toronto may feel especially hard done because they intended to sign Afro before RØKKR (presumably) offered more money. It looks as if Toronto will be going forward to sign Standy who previously played for Minnesota to play alongside Cleanx at the SMG positions.

The End of the Road for Crimsix?

With Methodz confirmed to be returning to Boston Breach, and Florida Mutineers being set on MajorManiak, Crimsix is unlikely to find a spot for this season. This may force his retirement from competing. He’s going out with a bang though, saying that most of the teams being formed are terrible! It’s doubtful that Crim will take the Challengers route like Clayster did last year but hopefully, he can return to the league if teams struggle early on.

CDL vs Warzone

Amid Warzone players looking to prove they are better than Call of Duty League pros, a series of 1v1s with radar on were established. Methodz and Sib lost to Biffle and Aydan respectively, embarrassing the entire scene but ZooMaa and Scrappy had their trades. These 1v1s seemingly prove nothing besides gun skill but Hitch is planning a tournament for MW2 to settle the disputes. Which player base is coming out on top?

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