The Tactical Recap #15

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The OpTic Saga

OpTic spiced up rostermania by announcing that iLLeY and Dashy were being dropped from the team. It was speculated that iLLeY was dropped due to uncertainties about his injury and Dashy was rumored to be dropped due to his attitude and work ethic. The likely replacements were HyDra and Cammy and options were being explored. But after a team call, the four hashed out their problems and decided to run it back for next season.

“No Bad Blood”

With OpTic sticking together there have been questions about friction internally. The players have publicly stated that there is no bad blood between them and that they worked through their problems. Crimsix seems to believe that the team wanted Dashy, but he pushed to keep iLLeY as well. This is just speculation but hopefully, we know more as the season moves closer.

The End of a Dynasty

Amid all the OpTic drama, rumors emerged that FaZe were interested in signing Shotzzy, a move which he declined. Some say Dashy was also considered as Arcitys announced that he was a Restricted Free Agent on the same evening. Given the OpTic saga, many expected FaZe’s “split” to also be a troll, but Arcitys seems to be joining Guerrillas with Huke, Neptune, and Spart. SlasheR is now the frontrunner to replace Arcitys on FaZe.

The Minnesota Upgrade

Minnesota has made drastic strides this off-season after a horrible showing in Vanguard. Attach was their primary target to keep from last season and it seems like he got the bag to stay on their team. Alongside him, the rumors suggest that Cammy was bought out from Toronto and Bance was picked up as well. Lastly, they rounded out the roster by picking up Afro. This is not confirmed as of yet but this team is an upgrade from last season if it goes through. 

Other Rumors

The other rumors around the league suggest that Owakening is joining Boston alongside Nero and Vivid with the fourth player still up in the air, but it’s likely between Clayster and Methodz. Subliners also seem to be assembling a roster consisting of HyDra, Kismet, Skyz, and Priestahh as their fourth. Teams are slowly taking shape and we should expect to see some roster announcements in the coming weeks.

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