The Tactical Recap #14

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NYSL Explosion

The most recent episode of The Flank was more like a therapy session for New York Subliners. After Crimsix was released by New York he took to The Flank to express his problems with how the team operated. PaulEhx joined as well to express his discontent. Crimsix accused HyDra of not trying hard enough during the season and having extended periods of time off while the team was still required to practice. HyDra accused Crimsix of being racist for remarks that he made about Algeria. This was never resolved and it seemed to leave a sour taste in HyDra’s mouth.

Crimsix also accused head coach DREAL of playing favorites with HyDra and that he didn’t allow the other coaches to have any input during practice. Neptune was also on the show to air out his problems when he was on the team. The only one coming out of this in a positive light was KiSMET, who hasn’t expressed any problems.

Free Agency

With the team option extension deadline reached, there are upwards of 20 free agents on the market. Some are unrestricted as their 1+1’s are over, others are unrestricted because the team decided not to extend their contract, and the rest are restricted because a team extended their contract and are looking to sell them to another team. Notable unrestricted free agents include Bance, Crimsix, Skyz, and Owakening. Some of the notable restricted free agents are Cammy and PaulEhx

Game Launch Extension

One rule of free agency to keep an eye on is the contracts that are extended under the game launch extension clause. This allows a team to keep a player for up to two weeks after the new game launches before they have to drop or extend that player. One notable player under this clause is Methodz and he may be on the hot seat as only Nero and Vivid were fully re-signed by Boston Breach.

OpTic’s Future

Is the OpTic Texas squad from last year sticking together? Despite the rumors surrounding iLLeY and his thumb not being fully healed, Hecz confirmed that the team wants to stay for the 2023 season. It is still very possible for this team to change as well. This is because Shotzzy and iLLeY are free agents this year with their 1+1 contracts being up. Do you think this team will stay together for another year?

Crowder Retiring?

After Champs, it was noted that Crowder, the head coach of Atlanta FaZe had taken his title out of his Twitter bio. It is likely that he would stay in FaZe to pursue content, but it hasn’t been confirmed whether he is stepping down or not. Atlanta FaZe has a handful of coaches currently on the staff and Crowder leaving raises the question of who would be next up from that staff.

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