The Tactical Recap #13

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LA Thieves On Top

The Los Angeles Thieves go back to back at the end of Vanguard when it mattered the most. They took down Atlanta FaZe 5-2 in the finals on Championship Sunday and didn’t lose a series along the way. All four players secured their first ring and coach JKap picked up his second (one as a player and one as a coach). Kenny claimed his second MVP trophy in a row after he continued his great play on the SMG. It raises the question on how good this squad could have been all year if he was on the sub from the jump.

Drazah Drama

Immediately following their win over the Atlanta FaZe, Drazah flipped the double birds to the opposing team. He then took to twitter and had some words for Simp.

Simp responded by calling him a clown, and he congratulated the other players of Thieves but left Drazah out. aBeZy also got mixed up in the drama when he replied to a tweet that was making fun of Drazah and his girlfriend. Is FaZe salty about the loss or was Drazah too disrespectful after winning champs?

The OpTic Curse

OpTic Texas bounced out of champs in fourth place after a long year of ups and downs. Interestingly Envoy was dropped from OpTic and he won champs with a different squad. This has now happened to OpTic four times with Clayster in Advanced Warfare, Crimsix in Modern Warfare, Arcitys in Cold War, and now Envoy in Vanguard. Hecz wasn’t too impressed with the league pointing this out.

Is this a curse that is looming over OpTic or is it something inherently wrong at the OpTic camp?

Scump Reveals His Thoughts After Champs

After champs Scump expressed how he was upset with the placing that OpTic had at champs. And he also took to twitter to express how stressful and hard this season was.

But the question that all fans are wondering is if he is going to retire or stay for next season. I can speak for most of the community when I say that we hope he stays for years to come. Does he still have that competitive spirit or is he going to hang it up soon?

Rostermania Begins

With champs ending we get to see teams start shaping up for next season. Rostermania is going to be exciting this off season with some big names becoming free agents. Teams have six days to re-sign their players with player options. Any player that is not re-signed or that is at the end of their one plus one contract will be a free agent. Expect HyDra, Owakening, Skyz, Afro, Clayster, Attach and Temp to play a key role in the rumors to come.

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