The Tactical Recap #12

Welcome to the Tactical Recap. The top five Call of Duty League storylines of the week. Don’t have enough time to catch all of TacticalRab’s videos? We’ve got you covered! Put a 🌶️🌶️🌶️ in the comments to let us know you’re reading!

Is OpTic Overrated?

Just recently in an Los Angeles Thieves content piece Drazah stated that OpTic Texas was the most overrated team in the game. His teammate Kenny backed him up and also stuck to his guns when asked the same question on Attach’s podcast. Their argument is that OpTic has been seen as the best team in the game, and after the last event they believe they hold down the top spot. 

OpTic Scrim Partners Before Champs

Speaking of OpTic they have been strictly scrimming against teams that are on the other side of the bracket. This leaves them scrimming against FaZe, Subliners, Ravens, and Surge. Overall this may pay off for them. They will get good reps in Control, as well as Bocage Hardpoint where they need to improve. Lastly, FaZe and Subliners are two of the hottest teams right now and with OpTic in a rut, they need good practice before being crowned 2022 champions.

Doug Isn’t Undefeated in Grand Finals???

Doug has been claiming for a long time that he is undefeated in grand finals. This claim has been put to bed, or has it? Crimsix and Aches beat Doug at an MLG event during Ghosts. Doug claims that there was no competitive integrity at this event and that it doesn’t count as a real event. Besides the problems with the tournament, there were many good players and there was even a prize pool. Should this count towards Doug’s record?

Velly Drama Finale

The Velly drama has died down but he released a video saying he was the one who was assaulted. By now it is not confirmed but heavily inferred that Blaze and Brice were the two members involved in the altercation. Blaze seemingly sub-tweeted at Velly in Brice’s defense, and the same seemed to be true with Maven sub-tweeting and backing Brice as well. Hopefully, we get the full story when this season ends.

Champs is Finally Here

Lastly, the moment we have all been waiting for. It’s time for the Call of Duty Championship. This year has been a coin toss and it looks like six out of the eight teams have a good shot at winning the ring. Thieves and FaZe seem to be favorites with Surge, OpTic, Subliners, and Ultra on their heels. Who is going to take home the big one to cap the Vanguard season off?

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