The Tactical Recap #10

Welcome to the Tactical Recap. The top 5 Call of Duty League storylines of the week. Don’t have enough time to catch all of TacticalRab’s videos? We’ve got you covered! Put a 🌶️🌶️🌶️ in the comments to let us know you’re reading!

1. Major 4 Was a Major W

Major 4 in New York was possibly the best event in the CDL era. To start the weekend we saw game five after game five as teams were battling for their spot at champs. The storylines were at play for many teams and the crowd was electric (except for some bottom feeders who yelled during SnD). The walkouts were a work of art from the Subliners and to top it off the venue was beautiful. Hopefully we return to New York for another killer event next season. 

2. The LA Thieves Steal a Chip

Vanguard gives us a new winner once again with the LA Thieves taking down NYSL in the Major 4 finals. We have had six events and six different event winners so far this year. Kenny was the spark for this team, pulling home MVP honors and finally finding his groove on the sub and ending his and Octane’s 1,127 day tournament win drought. Their last win was also under the LAT/100T banner at CWL Anaheim in 2019. Does this LA Thieves team have what it takes to win champs?

3. The Miracle Run Is Complete

NYSL had all odds stacked against them going into Major 4. Sitting in 11th place with 110 CDL points they needed nothing short of a miracle to make champs. To fully understand their run you have to look back at their last match of the Stage 4 Qualifiers. They ended up losing 3 to 2 against the LA Thieves. This win would have put them only 20 points behind 3 teams but instead they ended up with a more favorable bracket and less points. Instead of playing FaZe in winners round one they faced off against Minnesota and walked their way to the finals against Florida and LAT. They did their part largely thanks to Kismet and other teams took out their competition for them. It truly was a run for the ages but will they complete the story with a ring?

4. OpTic Struggles Before Champs

OpTic started in the losers bracket after a 1 and 4 performance during the qualifiers. They made an impressive run to top 4 but were stopped by FaZe for the first time this year. OpTic was once the best control team in the game but they have since tapered off showing some lackluster performances in that game mode. They have also been seemingly afraid of Berlin hardpoint which is leaving them to play Bocage where they were 1 and 3 on that map at the major. Can OpTic expand their map pool before champs or is it too late?

5. Call of Duty Champs Bracket

Champs is set for August 4th through the 7th in LA. The bracket is made up of the top 8 teams all starting in the winners bracket. This is a true double elimination tournament giving all of the teams an even playing field. We will see the #1 seed FaZe go against a hot NYSL team in the #8 spot. OpTic at #2 will face off against Ultra at #7. LA Thieves at #3 will face the #6 Boston Breach in what seems to be the easiest matchup of them all. And lastly the #4 Royal Ravens will face of against #5 Seattle Surge. Who is going to be the team coming home with a ring? 

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