The Subliners drown out the Mutineers

The CDL is back for week 2 of the qualifying matches for Major 2! The first match of the day set the New York Subliners against the Florida Mutineers. New York were the overwhelming favorite in the betting lines, so it’d be tough from the start for the Mutineers

The first map of the series was tightly contested, with both teams keeping the score close through the first rotation. The Subliners finally woke up and dominated the second rotation to take a commanding lead. New York leads the League in rotation percentage, and this showed in the second half of map 1. In the 250-143 victory, KiSMET led the lobby with 23 kills and 2606 damage to go a long with his 1.35 KD.

One of Florida’s strongest modes is always going to be Search & Destroy. For them to reclimb back into this series, they’d have to start in map 2. On El Asilo, the Mutineers looked at home, powered by Vikul. The rookie SMG finished the map with 15 kills and 3 deaths for a 5.00 KD and 1342 damage. This helped the Mutineers win 6-3 to tie the series 1-1.

Florida made the bold decision to take on the Major 1 Champions on Hotel Control and it was never really close. HyDra was a constant nuisance for the Mutineers as he went triple positive at 24/8 to continue stake his claim as maybe the best SMGs in the game. Sooner or later teams may be forced to auto veto this map against NYSL as they seem unable to lose Offenses.

Another clinical hardpoint for the Subliners came and went as they continued to bully Florida throughout. The Mutineers struggled to be able to match the pure slaying power of New York as HyDra and Priestahh took turns piecing up Florida on the rotations. 

Author: LordJosh

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