The best Search and Destroy comebacks in 2020


The first big Search and Destroy comeback came at the first Home Series of the season in London. Dallas Empire went up 1-0 versus Seattle Surge in the first Group A match, but allowed Surge to bounce back and take a 5-2 lead in the following match. Veteran Enable set the tone for his team by clutching a one-versus-two in the opening round.

Looking to close the game out and prepare for map three, Seattle instead provided an opportunity for Dallas to claw their way back into the game. Before they knew it, the game was tied at 5-5. Empire soaked up all the momentum gained by Surge to deliver the final blow in round 11, winning their fourth consecutive round to complete a remarkable comeback in the Copper Box Arena.

5. Paris Legion vs Toronto Ultra

The next comeback was completed by Paris Legion at the following Home Series. A two-versus-three clutch from Methodz and Bance put Toronto Ultra in the driver’s seat to go up 2-0 in the series. On the verge of death, Paris Legion engineered a new plan to counter the aggression of Toronto. Whatever Paris modified was working and, with the help of a two-versus-three clutch from Louqa and Denz, they were able to take it all the way to round eleven.

After conceding a plant in a five-versus-five situation at B, Paris Legion burst into life to retake the site and win the game. Australian duo Denz and Shockz fueled this amazing comeback by combining for 12 kills and 2 deaths in the final few rounds, with Shockz ending the game with an impressive 14 frags.

4. Optic GAMING LA VS la Guerillas

Vivid and Spart made their debut for Los Angeles Guerillas in a derby match against fellow LA team Optic Gaming. Trailing 5-2 in the second map of the series, these two rookies were tasked with taking down Slasher and Dashy to keep their heads above the water. Vivid was able to eliminate both players through some great team coordination, which seemed to have flicked the switch for the entire Guerillas team.

They were able to win a further three rounds to win the game, with Vivid going on an eight kill run to help his team go up 2-0 in the series. Spart let OpTic know exactly what happened.

3. Subliners vs Mutineers

Just two series later, New York Subliners completed another 2-5 comeback against Florida Mutineers. Skyz defied the odds in round seven to clutch a one-versus-three to put Florida within one round of winning. At this point, Temp had the same amount of kills as three of his teammates combined, and knew he had to inspire his teammates to break out of their slump.

New York slowly and methodically fought their way back into the match, and ZooMaa found a crucial triple kill in the final round to secure the win. But it was Temp who was the difference-maker in this game, as he compiled 16 total kills — the world record at the time.

2. Subliners vs Mutineers

If I told you that Subliners completed another 2-5 comeback, against the same team, on the same map, would you believe me? This is exactly what happened. Zooma and Mack mustered up enough power to clutch a two-versus-four and keep their team alive.

As it so often happens after clutches like this, the rest of the team were galvanized into action. Two more round wins took the game to round 11, and a Zooma double kill took New York Subliners over the hurdle. It was a moment to remember for rookie Mack, as he ended the game with 14 kills, seven coming from the comeback run.

1. Huntsmen vs RØKKR

This match needs no introduction. Voted comeback of the year by the fans, Chicago Huntsmen was the only team to win an SND game from a 5-0 and 5-1 deficit, and just the fourth time a 0-5 comeback was completed in a professional game. Scump was on the receiving end of the first ever one, as Complexity successfully completed a 0-5 comeback against Optic Gaming — also known as the ‘full sail choke’.

After a tough 11 point loss in match one of their first game at the Dallas Home Series, Rokkr were out for blood in the following map and wasted no time in achieving this. A 7-1 start from Assault was the standout performance in the first five rounds of the map, as Minnesota prevented Chicago, and also Scump, from getting on the board. Envoy was also struggling to make an impact on the game with just one kill to his name. He decided to take a lead role in sparking the comeback and managed to get five kills in the next two rounds, followed by a jaw-dropping triple kill in round eight. This legendary performance from Envoy climaxed in round 11 where he defused the bomb with three Rokkr players alive.

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