Temp Set to Join Paris Legion, Fire Released

Temp is no longer under contract with the LA Thieves, and will join Paris Legion for Stage 3 of the 2021 CDL season, according to the organization. Earlier today, Paris Legion also announced they were releasing Fire from the organization.

Needed Change, Needed Consistency

After standout performances last year in North American Challengers, Fire got his chance to start on Paris Legion, but has had an underwhelming rookie year thus far. He switched between using an SMG and an AR, but wasn’t able to consistently perform on a Paris team that showed some flashes of brilliance (pushing FaZe to map 5), but lacked consistency (zero wins against top 6 teams).

Season overview: after showing flashes of bright brilliance in Stage 1, Fire struggled to find a stable role on the Paris Legion team in Stage 2.

Throughout the season, Paris has struggled with changing roles between Fire and Skrapz. Based on public comments from the the Paris players, Skrapz prefers to run an AR on this game. This leaves the team with a glut of AR players, and only Classic being proficient and comfortable with an SMG. Despite making several role changes to try and find a fit, Paris did not see improvement in Stage 1.

Temp Reunited with Old Teammates

There have already been several SMG rookies signed to CDL teams this season (Neptune, Venom, and Standy), but that doesn’t mean there was a shortage for Paris to choose from. The choice for Temp instead of a new up-and-coming amateur player makes sense for Paris, given the roster composition. They tried a rookie in Fire, and may now be looking for a more stable pick who can hit the ground running. Temp’s form was relatively consistent, and despite lack of major production, he was benched on LA Thieves as a result of role issues and playstyle differences. On this team, chemistry will no longer be an issue.

Temp played Stage 1 with the LA Thieves. Don and the team were unable to find a groove, and Temp was eventually replaced by Venom.

Temp and Classic as an SMG duo is an exciting prospect as they have teamed together on several occasions in the past, dating back to Advanced Warfare where they placed second at MLG World Finals together. Temp has also previously teamed with Aqua on Splyce, in Black Ops 4. During that season, Splyce were considered a top team for the first half of the year. The team had a third place finish at CWL Las Vegas and a second place finish at CWL Fort Worth.

Capitalizing on Current Form

So far, all three remaining players on Paris have shined individually in their own particular game modes. Aqua has the fourth highest Hardpoint K/D, and has been a headshot machine. Classic has the third highest SnD first blood percentage. Skrapz has the fourth highest control K/D, which was his best game mode back in Black Ops 4. Paris has their strengths in every game mode, but again lack consistency. A reliable roaming SMG slayer who has existing chemistry with the players could work well and propel Paris up the standings. But does it credibly raise Paris’s ceiling? Only time will tell.

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