Team WaR and Elevate Return to Call of Duty

Team WaR announce roster of Jurnii, MetallZ, Lucky and envdiaN (ex-RAMS)

Organization History

Team WaR has been an esport organization that has often supported both North American and European amateur teams in Call of Duty. Their introduction to CoD esports began in WWII with a North American team of RobbieB, Tisch, Super, and Skilliosis. Top CDL players like Envoy have also represented the organization in the past.

Since then, Team WaR has consistently ventured over to European shores, including the top European squad last season in EU Challengers in Modern Warfare. Dqvee, Vortex, and Denza represented Team WaR in Modern Warfare (2020), and after adding Afro and Harry, they went on to reach eight grand finals in a row, winning seven of them. The team won a staggering 15 tournaments by the end of the year.

Ex-Rams (Los Galácticos)

The team of JurNii, MetallZ, Lucky, and envdiaN has been one of the most consistent teams in the EU this year. They have yet to go through a roster change and have achieved an average placement of 3.7 through thirteen Challengers tournaments this year and have won several other tournaments in EU. Lucky has been a standout player based on his production in Season 1 of EU Challengers Elite League, but this team prioritizes and emphasizes teamwork.

Their best accomplishment so far has been winning the Stage 1 Elite Playoffs. They placed third at the recent Stage 2 Elite Playoffs, losing to their nemesis, Orgless, in another game 5 R11 situation. This season, they’ve built up a rivalry with Orgless after several thrilling series. Orgless happens to have three former Team WaR players in Joshh, Vortex, and Harry, setting the table for a European rivalry matchup.

Team WaR are signing a consistent team that has potential to win tournaments and has a large fan base. The Spanish Call of Duty competitive scene is substantial and this is an incredible opportunity for Team WaR is tap into the Spanish fandom.

Elevate announce roster of Bidz, Denza, Hicksy, Weeman (Passion)

Organization History

Elevate has been present in the competitive Call of Duty scene dating back to 2010 and first found consistent placements in Call of Duty Ghosts with a roster of Slasher, Attach, Miyagi and Strife. Elevate remained invested in Call of Duty until the end of Black Ops 4, when they placed bottom of the league and top 12 at champs. Elevate has attended 4 Champs events, with their best being a third place finish in Black Ops III with the roster of Aqua, Faccento, Nagafen and Felo.


The team of Bidz, Denza, Hicksy, and Weeman , along with coach DREAL, formed in the last month, and have quickly shown great success. They placed 2nd in their first cup, 1st in the Elite Series Stage 2, 1st in their second cup, and then second in the Elite Series Stage 2 placements, translating to a 1.5 average placement.

Bidz and Denza struggled early on as members of Team Singularity. Weeman was able to win a few cups with House Tarth, but placed inconsistently after being relegated in Season 1 of EU Challengers Elite League. With a desire to achieve consistent wins, and with a hungry up-and-coming player in Hicksy, the name “Passion” was certainty fitting for the team. Bidz was a statistical standout player for the team in Season 2 of EU Challengers Elite League.

Elevate are re-entering the scene and picking up a rising team with the potential for more top placements. With the frequency of NA amateur rostermania, and NA Challengers players getting called up to the CDL, the EU scene has been relatively more stable and can provide value for organizations going forward. After losing many orgs to franchising, it is great to see a staple in the scene return.

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