Surge get payback on Subliners, win series 3-1!

A rematch of the Major 1 Grand Final would close out the night but both teams have had differing fortunes since then as the Subliners have continued their imperious form whereas Seattle have severely struggled especially in SnD.

It was a hot start on Breenbergh Hotel from all 4 members of the Surge as they all sat positive after the first rotation and built up a 193-86 lead. NY managed to pick up 35 points or so on P1 but in the process allowed Seattle to secure P2 spawns and put themselves seconds away from the map victory. The Subliners would hold out on Kitchen but Seattle inevitably closed it out on P4 after outslaying the Subliners by 21 kills as all 4 members went positive led by Sib with a 25/14 showing.

Florida snapped their 10 Hardpoint losing streak now to see if the Surge could finally get a win on the board in an Online SnD.

They did kick of El Asilo perfectly as Pred picked up 3 kills to open up with a flawless Offense which was answered right back by HyDra doing the exact same thing for the Subliners in Round 2. NY looked to go to match point before Mack picked up a quick 1v2 and the defuse to even up the map at 4-4. Another 2 rounds traded back and forth and it would all come down to a Round 11. Despite Seattle managing to overwhelm HyDra early as he tried to get aggressive off the break the Subliners would pull out the 3v4 and level us up with Skyz leading the way at 12/7.

Onto Fortress Control and Seattle managed to do what many teams have struggled massively with in winning an Attacking Round as they eliminated all the Subliners players in a hard fought round. NY managed to cap the tricky B Zone on their offensive round but found themselves down so many lives in the process and were quickly eliminated putting Seattle up 2-0. NY would hold strong on their Defense before Seattle would close the door on their own. 36/18 from the Thunder from Down Under as he ran rings around the Major 1 Champs.

Back to Fortress for Map 4 but this time it was NYSL who got out to the better start, Skyz started out 10-2 as New York picked up a big chunk of time on P2 and P3. Both teams continued to trade hills and breaks back and forth and were all tied up at 157-157 going into P3 on the 2nd rotation. Seattle came out the better after taking the majority of the time on P4 and P5 before closing out the Map and securing their first series win of Stage 2 in a 3-1 fashion.

Another big series from both the Taller Terrors but this time they were supported adequately by both Mack and Accuracy.

Author: LordJosh

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