STG44 Best Loadouts: Vanguard Competitive Class Setups

We have brought back gun guides for Competitive class set-ups in Call of Duty Vanguard. We have been watching every played in the Call of Duty League during the opening weekend and have gathered our favorite builds. Players have been experimenting with different attachments over the opening weekend. After doing the MP40 first, the next weapon we will look at is the STG44. The weapon has seen comparisons to the ICR from Black Ops 4 and is used as the backline AR. Here is a look at five different builds for the STG44 being used around the League!

Base STG44

The STG44 is one of two ARs currently being used around the league, with the Automaton being the second. It is a standard, backline AR that has minimal recoil and kills rather quickly. While the Automaton is favored for aggressive AR players, the STG44 is the weapon of choice for Main ARs and in SnD. Here are the 5 professional builds by CDL AR players.

It’s worth noting that the EU Challengers have GA’d recoil booster, Frenzy, Vital, Damage Mags on all weapons, VDD 189MM Sub Barrel, and Hollow Points. Expect the pro scene to ban anything that either increases fire rate or damage on the weapon.


The AR for the New York Subliners, Ian “Crimsix” Porter has found terrific form in the newly released Call of Duty Vanguard. He has really found form on multiple guns but has favored the STG44 in SnD. His build has decreased recoil, increased ADS movement speed, and increased damage range and bullet velocity. It’s a great class to be aggressive and make plays with the AR.


Next up is the superstar Main AR Brandon “Dashy” Otell. Dashy moved into a new role within the newly announced OpTic Texas team. He has been great in the preseason kickoff tournaments, helping OpTic have a good start to the year. The STG class that Dashy runs sacrifices movement for better accuracy and firepower. It has decreased movement speed, sprint to fire time, and ADS walking speed. But the gun is a laser with much less recoil and a boost to both damage range and bullet velocity. Check out his class before!


The second OpTic Texas AR player is the next class build for the STG44. Indervir “iLLeY” Dhaliwal has a different class build than his AR duo Dashy. His STG has increased movement speeds with little recoil and less flinch. His STG is better for the more aggressive AR players looking to find openings on the map. Give it a try and tell us how you like it!


Michael “MajorManiak” Szymaniak of the Minnesota Rokkr is one of the most flexible ARs in the league. We often see him playing slower, but has the ability to go aggressive and make plays on the map. Major picked up the STG44 during the early tournaments, helping Minnesota make splashes throughout the opening weekend. His build has a much high ADS walking speed and lower recoil, making a great build to use in the heavy pre-aim SnD!


The final class setup for the STG44 will be the LA Thieves’ Main AR Sam “Octane” Larew. The Human Turrett picked up the weapon early, finding great highlight kills early in the Vanguard season. Octane’s build only has one negative, a wider hipfire spread. It sees upgrades to multiple firepower, accuracy, and speed categories. This is one of the best builds we found in the CDL. Give it a try!


These have been our favorite STG44 builds over the opening week of the Call of Duty Vanguard launch. There are many more builds out there so we will continue to update and release more builds for players to trial. Next up is the Automaton, which we have seen AR players use the gun in a more aggressive form. Let us know how you like the new article format and which of the five weapon builds are your favorites!

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