Slasher and Huke Return to Starting Lineup for LA Thieves, Drazah and Venom Benched

This morning, the LA Thieves announced the return of Huke and SlasheR to the starting lineup. The Thieves’ lineup going into the second half of Stage 4 will be SlasheR, Huke, Kenny, and TJHaLy. As a result, Drazah and Venom, the relative newcomers, will be relegated to the bench.

This roster change follows Huke’s bombshell YouTube announcement, where he revealed usage of the stimulant Adderall during Dallas Empire’s 2020 CDL Championship run, as well as pressure to perform and its adverse effects on his personal mental health.

Huke 2021 Season Stats

It’s hard to find a player more controversial than Huke this season. Between multiple benchings, the reigning world champion has found inconsistent form across the board. He was an MVP candidate in Stage 1, but was inconsistent in Stage 2, then benched at Dallas Empire and summarily transferred to the LA Thieves.

SlasheR has been inactive for two months, and was originally benched from the team in favor of Drazah. In a post on Twitter, 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot echoed support for the new team, citing the return of “LAN events” and the strength of “veteran talent with proven results” for the team’s next phase.

SlasheR 2021 Season Stats

LA Thieves is currently standing at 6th in the CDL overall standings, and not at risk of failing to qualify for the playoffs. The team has made numerous roster changes this season, with an emphasis on building a championship caliber team. The top 8 teams this season will make Champs playoffs.

Venom joined the LA Thieves in March and was a standout SMG player on the WestR Challengers team.

Venom 2021 Season Stats

Despite standout SnD talent, Venom was unable to find consistent form in respawn on the LA Thieves team. Over the course of two stages, he had a 0.90 K/D in Hardpoint and a 0.88 K/D in Control.

Drazah 2021 Season Stats

Last season, Drazah was an integral part of the OpTic Gaming Los Angeles team, coming in at the end of the season to help OGLA secure a top 6 finish at Champs 2020. This season, he started on the bench, but was inserted into the starting lineup for the Stage 2 Major after the Thieves petered out in Stage 2.

LA Thieves are currently 1-2 in their group in Stage 4. They play Minnesota RØKKR on Friday at 4:30 PM Eastern, 1:30 PM Pacific time.

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