Shotzzy’s Tommy Gun (M1928) Loadout: Vanguard Gun Class

Welcome to the Call of Duty Vanguard gun guide for the M1928 Thompson submachine gun, otherwise known as the Tommy Gun.

This season, pro SMG players have been exclusively using the MP40 (gun guide). However, recently, OpTic‘s Shotzzy has been experimenting with the M1928. Let’s take a look at the gun and the class Shotzzy has been using:

Base M1928 (Tommy Gun) Stats

From a statistical perspective, the only area where the Tommy Gun excels is rate of fire. The Tommy Gun has a fire rate of 800.0 RPM compared to the MP40 which has a fire rate of 600.0 RPM. The Tommy Gun also boasts more ammunition compared to its counterpart in the MP40. After that, the MP40 clears the M1928 in every other category. The MP40 does more damage per bullet. The MP40 also stands out with faster movement and ADS walking speed, faster sprint-to-fire speed, and aim-down-sights (ADS) time.

Shotzzy Class

Shotzzy’s class setup focuses on improving the accuracy and speed of the gun overall. This helps the Tommy Gun compete with the MP40 by minimizing the gun’s key weaknesses. You ma be able to pull out the Tommy Gun out in close quarters hills such as P5 on Tuscan or even P3 on Bocage. The larger 50 round mag may be especially useful on hills like P5 Tuscan, where players are constantly trying to pre-fire and wall bang in small spaces.

Muzzle: Marauder Flash Hider
Barrel: CGC 12″ Cooling
Optic: Large Iron Sights
Stock: CGC Wire Grip
Underbarrel: Carver Foregrip
Ammo Type: Lengthened
Magazine: —
Rear Grip: Fabric Grip
Kit: Quick
Proficiency: Fleet

Outside of Ant, not many pros have been using the Tommy Gun. If the M1928 becomes meta in the CDL, we’ll post the additional classes above. Do you think the M1928 is viable? Try out Shotzzy’s class and let us know what you think.

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