Royal Ravens fend off the Legion to take the series 3-1!

The winless Ravens got off to a hot start on Mercardo Hardpoint as the Ravens established a large lead off the back of a massive slaying advantage and a 11 Streak from Skrapz who looked to show his form from yester years. Vegas to their credit managed to bring it back to a competitive scoreline, mainly off the back of Prolute with a solid 26/17 scoreline but with his 3 teammates a combined -33 it was always going to be difficult.

Vegas continued their exceptional SnD form as they evened up the series with a 6-2 victory again on Mercardo. TJ bounced back from a tough map 1 with an 11/4 showing including a 1v2 followed up by an Ace to close out the map and even up the series 1-1. While TJ got three of the kills, PaulEhx made a diving play that resulted in him dying out of bounds for the loss. That makes Las Vegas Legion, 12-1 in their last 13 SnDs only dropping Embassy to Atlanta FaZe in Raleigh.

Vegas kicked off Hotel Control with a quick B Capture and seemed certain to secure round 1 with 2 ticks also on A. London somehow managed to hold the point as Nastie and PaulEhx both secured Glide Bombs as the Ravens held out. London managed to clutch up Round 2 despite a near 10 life advantage as they somehow managed to capture the B Point despite TJ picking up 2 with his Glide Bomb. Asim picked up a huge 4 piece as it seemed London would somehow repeat their Round 1 miracle but Vegas managed to clutch up at the death. The Control problems continued for Vegas Legion as they somehow allowed Asim and Skrapz to clutch up a 2v5 to secure the map 3-1.

Skrapz continued his insane series as he and Temp were trading killstreaks and multikills throughout the first rotation. London led mostly through the first rotation but Vegas managed to successfully chain P1 and P2 putting them right back in the map. Vegas looked to have secured the early rotation to a strong money hill in P4 but their setup melted like butter as the Ravens picked up a full 60 and steamrolled that momentum into their first series win of Stage 2. 

Vegas Legion continue to look like a high unbeatable SnD team but it’s all for nought if they can’t win respawns. Insane series from Skrapz as he puts up 95 Kills, nearly 11k Damage and a 1.76 KD Ratio. Domination from Tank!

Author: LordJosh

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