Rookie of the Year Watch 2021: Midseason Edition

Through five months of play, four CDL rookies have separated themselves from the rest of the pack. Two rookies currently lead the pack. Two other rookies are on our watch list, and have been superb individual performers.

The April early edition of Breaking Point’s Rookie of the Year Watch for the 2021 season can be found here.


Stat Highlights: 1.11 overall K/D (#5), 1.14 HP K/D (#2), 1.29 SnD K/D (#1)
Top Tourney Finishes:
Top Stage Finishes: 🥇
Team Record: 17 – 11

Since Insight joined the Ultra roster, the Euro-Canadian team has posted a 14 – 6 record (70% win rate). FaZe has claimed 4 out of 6 of those losses. Looking at his statistical performances, Insight is putting up MVP level numbers across the board. Throughout pool play in Stage 3, Insight had the highest overall K/D in the league, at 1.27. Across pool play and the Major, he posted the fourth best overall K/D, at 1.13 (behind Arcitys, Cammy, and HyDra). Insight was a strong Control player in Challengers, and the Ultra have only dropped one Control map throughout the entire stage. With Cammy stepping into MVP form in Stage 3, Ultra was firing on all cylinders. The team dropped a single map in pool play, and Insight’s continued impact cannot be understated.

Stage 2 was a unique experience. A rookie instantly turned Ultra into a contender, won a chip, and became the best player on his team. This stage, Insight showed that his debut was not a fluke. There is no doubt that Toronto is a top team in the game, and this rookie deserves a lot of credit. 


Stat Highlights: 1.13 overall K/D (#3), 1.29 HP K/D (#1), 24.2 HP Kills Per 10 Minutes (#1)
Top Tourney Finishes: 🥈
Top Stage Finishes:
Team Record: 16 – 9

HyDra’s highly anticipated debut in the CDL did not disappoint. His addition instantly turned NYSL into the best Hardpoint team. They did not drop a Hardpoint in the Stage 3 pool play, going on an 11 map win streak in the game mode before dropping a Raid Hardpoint to FaZe in the winner finals. NYSL only lost 2 Hardpoints all stage, both to FaZe at the Major. Initially, there were critics of HyDra’s SnD play. The Frenchman started his career with a sub 0.50 cumulative SnD K/D in early matches against FaZe and London. NYSL had also just dropped Diamondcon, so some struggles in SnD were to be expected. However, over the course of the Major, HyDra improved to a 1.10 SnD K/D overall.

The team has allowed Paco to “go rogue.” HyDra currently averages the least hill time on the team (42.8 Seconds Per 10 Minutes), but has the highest Hardpoint K/D. As a smart player, he is allowed to make reads and situational plays on the map, a playstyle that benefited NYSL in Stage 3.

HyDra helped New York make the grand finals in his first CDL stage. His overall K/D of 1.13 was the second highest in the entire stage, behind only Arcitys. With more time to practice and take in Clayster’s leadership, the ceiling is high. He is right behind Insight in Breaking Point’s ROTY rankings.


Stat Highlights: 1.04 overall K/D (#13), 0.78 SnD Kills Per Round (#6), 4,464 CTL Damage Per 10 minutes (#1), 21.0 CTL Kills Per 10 Minutes (#6), 4,441 HP Damage Per 10 Minutes (#6),
Top Tourney Finishes:
Top Stage Finishes:
Team Record: 6 – 14

While they’re still way behind, London has shown improvements. Stage 1: +0 points (0 wins), Stage 2: +30 points (2 wins), Stage 3: +40 points (4 wins). The Ravens have secured more points and more match wins every single stage. But for now, the team’s inconsistency and low Major placements have Paul behind the ROTY leaders. With the prospect of Alexx‘s return and the addition of Afro to the roster, the Ravens are bringing help.

Paul has been an above average player across the board, and flat out excellent in SnD and Control. Taking a look at his statistical production compared to his team is more telling. In Stage 3, PaulEhx led all players on his team in engagements per 10 minutes in all three game modes, and also had the highest K/D in all three game modes. And he’s doing it as an AR player. Paul also had the highest first blood percentage on his team (15.1%) this stage.

Alexx, in his video discussing his time away from Call of Duty, mentions that he is looking forward to playing with the American rookie. Paul has turned the London Royal Ravens team around from being the worst team in the League in Stage 1 to a potential dark horse team with the ability to upset top teams. The Ravens are committed to Paul, even making roster changes around him, including picking up his old teammate Zaptius in Stage 3. For a rookie it’s a lot responsibility to handle. If Paul is able to help transform the Ravens into a championship contending team, he will continue to move up in the ROTY race. 


Stat Highlights: 1.07 overall K/D (#7), 21.0 CTL Kills Per 10 Minutes (#5), 1.13 CTL K/D (#6)
Top Tourney Finishes:
Top Stage Finishes:
Team Record: 8 – 10

Standy has been the best player on Minnesota RØKKR this season. But like Paul, Eli’s team has struggled. After a dreamlike sequence in Stage 2, where Standy was able to help RØKKR secure the #1 seed in the pool, Minnesota has regressed. On the season, Standy leads RØKKR in SnD K/D (1.09), Control K/D (1.13), HP Kills Per 10 Minutes (22.4), and #1 in CTL Kills Per 10 Minutes (21.0). Unlike many other rookies, Standy is very consistent, and rarely has an off game. He’s an above average player in every game mode, and thoroughly excels in Control.

Through two stages, Standy looks like one of the hardest kills on the map, and is exceedingly difficult to shut down across the board. The return of MajorManiak to the starting roster should theoretically be able to free up Standy to be more active around the map in respawn and continue to make big plays in SnD. If RØKKR are able to regain Stage 2 form, and make a deep run at the final 2 Majors and Champs, Standy will be able to propel himself up the ladder.

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